FIAT 500e Rental in Los Angeles, CA | Turo
FIAT 500e2016
Battery Electric
7 trips
$ 33
per day
The car
FIAT 500e
Battery Electric
7 trips
4 seats
2 doors
Two great, hard-to-find benefits:
- HOV sticker. Use the carpool lane driving solo!
- No gas refill / recharging necessary when returning! What really? Yes!


Save $$ compared to renting other cars.
Other cars on Turo require that you pay for gas, having similar fuel level when you return it.

I am waiving that.
You do not have to return it at a similar charge level.
I'll handle recharging after you bring it back.
Make sure you have enough to get back, of course.
This is a fully electric vehicle.



- Capool lane access, even when driving solo.
- Sirius XM
- Small turning radius and footprint, making parking a breeze. Audible proximity sensors.
- Powerful, pure electric acceleration
- Surprisingly lots of head room for a small car.
- Heated seats.

Try a brand-new, full-electric Fiat 500e today!



No pets, please. Scratching is a risk, and so is cleanliness.

Smoking OK, but please no ash remains or smell.



What is the range on the full-electric Fiat 500e?

90 miles range.
On freeways, 60 mph is more efficient than higher speeds.

Where are charging stations?

Use apps like Chargepoint or PlugShare to find free as well as paid charging stations.

Do I have to return it charged up?

Nope! Don't worry about it. Just use and enjoy. =]

How fast does the included wall outlet charger charge?
The wall outlet charger (AKA level 1) charges at 1kW. Since the battery capacity is 24 kWh, it'll take 24 hours to fill from 0% to 100%. 24kWh is about 90 miles range, so each hour of charging gives you 3%-4% charge, which also happens to be about 3-4 miles.

How can I charge faster?

Download apps such as ChargePoint, or Plugshare.
Use a level 2 charger, which charges 6 times faster than the 1kW wall plugin charger.
You'll see level 2 charges at paid stations.

Are there any free fast charging stations?

- Chase bank at Ventura & DeSoto in Woodland Hills, (just 5 miles away) has a free charging station.
20900 Ventura Blvd, Woodland Hills, CA 91364

- If you're around Orange County, the South Coast Plaza Mall off the Bristol exit of the 405 has free charging!)
3333 Bristol St, Costa Mesa, CA 92626

How do I drive more efficiently to increase range?

Driving below 65, will help. Using heater / AC reduces range by approximately 10%. See the MPGe value displayed on the dashboard change as you drive. A value greater than 140MPGe is pretty good for efficiency.
  • Automatic transmission
  • Audio input
  • All-wheel drive
  • Bluetooth
  • USB input
  • Heated seats
  • Proximity Sensors (audio beep)
Parking details
It is easier and closer to come to the other side of the complex, on Killion and Etiwanda street, rather than Nestle. But Nestle is fine too.

Tarzana is the city - zip code 91356.
(Turo changes it to "Los Angeles", despite being entered as Tarzana, - a limitation of Turo's system).
Delivery details
If you're going in my direction, you have room, and you don't have to detour out of your way, I'd appreciate you taking me along the direction you're already going. I'll just get off at a close point along the way.
Car location
Los Angeles, CA 91356
Up to 10 miles
Free delivery for trips of 5 days or longer