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BMW Z42005
29 trips
$ 30
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The car
29 trips
Lady Zee is absolutely, hands down, my favorite car I've ever had...& that's many cars being that I was raised as a car dealer's daughter! She is perfect for Los Angeles cruising... sleek, racy & perfect for man or woman as she is black on black on black (black paint, black rag top, black interior, & blacked out rims & grill), electronic convertible (NOTICE: As of last trip, the motor in the convertible broke & will not be fixed until I return to LA in Sept. Please do not try to use the convertible or it will get stuck), triptronic if you want to drive her fast & up canyons stick-syle, non-smoker owner & in great condition. Best of all, HEATED SEATS! Trunk is just big enough for a regular piece of luggage & a carry-on! Automatic transmission, automatic seats, automatic windshield wipers when she senses rain, automatic headlights, & automatic coffee maker... well, maybe not the last item!

~ Four brand new, top of the line tires were put on Lady Zee along with new brakes & pads in Feb. '16.
~ New radiator, cooling system & all new hoses were replaced in June '16.
~ New timing belts & oil gaskets were put in June '16.
~ My car will be left on FULL with 91 Octane gasoline, please refill it that way. This engine takes only premium!
~Since this is a very low-suspension sports car, please be aware to take driveways at an angle & try to avoid pot holes & humps... as LA is full of them! I think I have them all memorized (ha hahahaaa).
~Also, please, no-smoking even if you smoke with your hand outside of car. I really hate the smell of nicotine & tobacco in my car.
~Trunk expansion tabs can be deployed by turn the knobs down in the trunk by sides of convertible storage.
~The passenger side-view mirror was broken & soldered back on so don't try to push it in for slender parking situations. But the automatic adjuster mirror adjuster works PERFECTLY!
~Last but not least, if you haven't driven a BMW before, just know that when on EMPTY, she is truly empty. Don't test fate. But if you do & get stuck in the middle of an intersection & you are out of gas, I have left a handy gas can in the trunk for you. Also, if you don't screw on the gas cap all the way, the car will sense air & the engine light will go on & you will have to have a mechanic reset it.
Thank you!
  • Automatic transmission
  • GPS
  • Convertible
  • Long-term car
Car location
Los Angeles, CA 91604