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AM General Hummer... 1988

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10 MPG
4 doors
4 seats

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You are renting a truly unique, AM General M998 HMMWV (Humvee) that has been carefully & lovingly refurbished to preserve her military heritage by a true enthusiast. Grab up to three friends and pile your gear into this rugged, diesel-powered desert tan, truly American pickup truck that is street legal and a serious head turner! Her name is Gracie! (IG: graciegjelina) and her tan & olive drab interior now features a new center console and stereo unit which includes (3) USB plugs for charging and playing music through your iphone/android/other device; two cupholders and a 12V cigarette lighter and best of all: Bluetooth connectivity (MB Quart) to the AM/FM radio which powers two 6.5” speakers with great sound! Original features include four cushioned seats with working three point safety belts, tan soft top canvas roof, rear curtain and four soft doors to shield the elements. Adjustable drivers seat and heat controls (no AC), windshield wipers and tie downs for gear. I recommend Googling how, what and why these rigs were built as they were. There are no airbags and no AC; yes, you can roll down the canvas windows or take doors off. Roof must stay on. Exterior body work is canvas on painted aluminum with rivets, so the brush guard can’t be her only guard against abuse (please treat her carefully inside and out!). Bright LEDs light your path (high beam is controlled with your left foot). Towing is by request only; most of your stuff ought to fit in the bed which measures 48” L x 52” W x 14” H, or in the cab between passengers. Diesel fills on the passenger side; she gets about 10 mpg. You’re sure to be in the hottest ride along the Southern California beaches this summer, but you must understand and acknowledge a few things while making your booking please! This truck is definitely not the ride for everyone. Authentic humvees are full of torque but low on horsepower, which means you can expect slow acceleration and lots of engine noise (especially above 55 mph when the fan kicks on!) Small rattles are normal as are the sound of metal objects hitting each other on seemingly flat roads. In short, if you’re looking for quiet ambiance that affords you a lot of easy phone talk time, please rent elsewhere. Also, since she has canvas doors and roof, you should take extra precautions during rainy weather by dressing appropriately and stowing your personal effects in such a way that runoff doesn't ruin them. A recent storm reminded me that the truck's bed can accumulate water, which runs straight into the cabin, dripping down the sides. Your right pant leg may get wet (but again, caution with your luggage - wrap with trash bags to be safe!) Gracie measures a full 7 feet wide, which means certain roads are barely wide enough. Your focus in crowded areas is expected and appreciated, so we don’t have to charge for the trouble of fixing this vintage beauty. Best adventures are on wide, straight California roads like Rt. 1 PCH! Gracie doesn’t mind when you take her doors off, but like the rest of her: parts that go missing or damaged will incur charges as you should expect. Diesel is the only fuel she takes and your receipt should be turned in with her keys when your rental ends. Starting her engine.... (more in guidelines) Be safe and have a great drive! We are here to make your trip as easy and enjoyable as possible. Please don't hesitate to reach out with any questions before, during or after your trip as we're here to help! Disclaimer: after 7pm PST I am sometimes unavailable if I’m abroad. Please understand the Turo owner responsibilities and that of the Turo Valet lot, especially for Book instant. Please don’t rent Gracie and attempt to do maintenance, repairs or livery services. Thank you and peace be with you!


Must be 30+ to book
Automatic transmission


Add optional Extras to your trip at checkout.
The soft sided LL Bean cooler sits behind the passenger. Keep 12 cans, waters and snacks cold for 24 hours with a 10lb bag of ice.
$20/trip1 available
Post-trip cleaning
Return the car hassle free, without worrying about cleaning up after your trip. Does not cover upholstery cleaning, spills, stains, pet hair, or smoke removal.

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We will coordinate the handoff by text.


Diesel only! Please be prepared this truck gets about 10 mpg and is loud and slow: 0-60 in about 30 seconds! Starting her engine is easy once you’ve done it once, and you can watch me do it in my [quick start video, which I can text you the link to open easily:]. But if you’re sitting in the drivers seat genuinely unclear on what to do, you haven’t geeked out on humvee youtube videos enough! As a refresher though: start by inserting the ignition key fully (grooves face down) and turning the key to the right 45* degrees. Meanwhile, shift to N - neutral. Then, turn her toggle switch to the right from ENG. STOP to RUN. Now, you must WAIT approx. 12 seconds for the WAIT light above to dim off, and ONLY then may you turn right to START until she turns over. Switch returns to run position and to shut her off, you turn left to ENG. STOP. Then, you can turn and remove the ignition key. Always fully engage the handbrake (as there is no P for parking) it releases when you pull the safety collar up. Finally, make sure the radio is off by holding the power button approx. 2 seconds until it dims gray. Blue means it’s been left on and can eventually waste the battery. If that happens, you’ll need to jumpstart the front battery which is under the passenger seat (jump box included, but not always charged. Once running, idle or drive for 30 minutes. Remember: always make sure to fill with diesel! Again, here’s a link to a helpful & basic quick start video:


20 ratings

Amazing day in the desert shooting w friends. Gracie was the perfect ride for the occasion. Matt was very helpful and Gracie looked and ran great. Can’t wait to book her again for the next desert adventure

Mike B.-Apr 23, 2019

Easy, fun, and a great adventure!!! Easy— great, fast, clear communication from Matt (thank you!!!). Felt totally prepared and had all info in advance. My first Turo rental and I had a lot of questions!! Fun!! — this truck is awesome. The videos Matt provided on the small things that are different from a standard car were helpful so we were able to just have fun!! We cruised Palm Springs which is the perfect backdrop for this beast of a truck! The sound system is high quality and we could stream music via Bluetooth which was kind of surprising in what otherwise is a purely functional vehicle. Adventure — it’s not a regular rental car. It’s an experience and an adventure. Heads turn!! People want to talk about the Humvee everywhere you drive as it’s so awesome but also authentic. This thing is not for the shy driver but someone who wants to have a blast and make a statement! Wish I could rent it again for the music festivals. Lots of room for storage and leg room for friends in the back.

Hope H.-Apr 4, 2019

My son and his team of student filmmakers at NYU needed a military looking car for a short film taped in Bombay Beach, CA. I had to reserve the car in my name, pick-it up, drive it to the scene for filming and return it back, but I didn't control the time. Matt was great in allowing the student producer to make an agreement to reserve the car knowing some details can change. This was a super important project that makes a difference in few college students' careers. As proud parents, my wife and I were nervous about every detail and wanted to help in every way we can. Matt made it less stressful with quick communication, flexibility, understanding and trusting us to work together for the success of a college project. The Humvee did the job beautifully and was returned back to Matt in great condition. We value the prop. We believe this film will win awards as some 20 students worked so hard to make it happen. You will be driving not just a neat looking Humvee, but a celebrity one! Thank you, Matt. We truly appreciate how understanding and nice of a man you are. Best wishes to you and the Humvee.

Hazim P.-Mar 25, 2019

This was a great experience! The owner Matt is very detailed and easy to work with. I appreciate the clear direction and communication about the pickup/drop off and the instructions for the vehicle. The Humvee was a blast and I really enjoyed it! She ran great and met all my expectations. Thanks so much Turo and Matt for a great trip!!

Tim B.-Dec 11, 2018

We had a great time in Gracie, she was outstanding. Matt was a great communicator and everything taken care of. Thank you!

Simon T.-Dec 6, 2018

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