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Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution2010
$ 130
per day
The car
Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution
2010 Evo X GSR with SSS Package.

-5-speed manual transmission.
-Recaro Racing seats.
-Working A/C and Heat System
-AUX Plug
-Dual Rapid USB Charging Ports
-iPhone 6 Phone Holder attached to windshield.
-Rockford Fosgate Speaker System.
-600w Alpine 12" Subwoofer that can be heard in the car next to you. (fully adjustable)
-For that reason, un-usable trunk space.
-Phantom Black Pearl paint on black interior.
-Projector Xenon HID Light Package
-Daytime Running LED Lights
-Bright White LED Interior Lights
-With 1 passenger and 1 driver, you can fit 2-3 snowboards standing in the backseat. Seats 5 total. I've transported 3 passengers and 1 snowboard before.

-Intake (yes it makes those "psh" sounds when you shift, along with the sound of air being sucked in when you're spooling)
-QTP Adjustable Exhaust (quiet like stock or straight piped at the touch of a button).
-ETS intercooler with "ETS" stenciled in black.
-RallyArmor Black mudflaps
-"Evolution X" Black Badging on trunk
-Flex Fuel Ethanol E85 Red Badge on trunk. (car will be on a 91 octane tune by default, unless requested otherwise through text, I must know 3 days ahead so I have time to burn through my 91 tank to switch to E85.)
-325whp on 91 octane(about 240 miles to a tank if you're easy on it.), and 370whp on E85(160ish miles to a tank. depends on how you drive.)
-It makes gunshot-like backfire pops frequently on 91 and rarely on E85. It might also pop some flames out of the exhaust when you're boosting into the next gear, but nothing to worry about. You'll never see it happen anyways since it shoots out the back.
-Optional Carbon Fiber front lip. (text me if you want it on. *does not clear dips/speedbumps/parking blocks/sidewalks*
-Optional Metal teeth in the grill (text me if you want it on.)

I get that you're likely looking at this car because "*gasp* EVO!" and thoughts of a turbocharged AWD car filled your mind, but please don't take my car to a track or a drag strip. Definitely don't go 1320 and race my car against everything that looks at you slightly wrong. While it is tuned and modded, racing will cause heavy wear and possible damage(s). I will be able to notice even if you return the car without damages. So NO RACING. However, it is fully capable of boosting onto the freeway, up to the speed limit of course, along with allowing you to pass slow cars in a fun manner. Always look out for 5-0!

-Before you leave with my car I have to make sure you're able to drive a manual transmission through traffic and uphill from a stop. Otherwise, I WILL NOT release the car to you.
-DO NOT try to boost my car below 2800 RPMs in 3rd, 4th, or 5th gear. It WILL cause heavy damages. Work the RPMs up slowly and carefully. It's a 4 cylinder, not a V8.
-DO NOT LAUNCH AT ALL! This will cause easily $2,000 in damages and can reach up to, but not limited to $10,000 via clutch, transfer case, differential, transmission, etc.
-DO NOT rev the car to redline and bounce of the rev limiter. This can easily cause $6,000 in damages if you blow the engine.
-Again, I will know if you abused my car.
-Please clean up after yourself. If the car is returned with any of the following, including but not limited to: bottles, receipts, wrappers, bags, tags, french fries, any food, pet hair, mud, dirt, gravel, sand, wet seat/carpet(not-applicable if it rains during drop off), smell of pets, smell of smoke/drugs, vomit, feces, urine, smell of vomit/feces/urine, etc. You will be charged a $300 cleaning fee.

Shift boot frame is cracked so the shift boot has sunken in but doesn't affect drivability at all not does it make any noises or get in your way. You WILL NOT be held responsible for this at all.

Text me for any questions or requests. 760-672-6679. I'm Elvis.
  • Manual transmission
  • Audio input
  • All-wheel drive
  • Bluetooth
  • USB input
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Car location
Long Beach, CA 90802
Los Angeles International Airport
Long Beach Airport
Up to 5 miles