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The car

Mercedes-Benz C-Cl... 2009

15 trips
16 MPG
Gas (Premium)
4 doors
5 seats

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15 tripsJoined Apr 2018
Typically responds within 1 minute


If you don’t know what a C63 AMG is.... You’re missing out on a driving experience you’ll never forget. Satellite radio, usb, sunroof, heated seat, navigation, Bluetooth for phone, power everything, privacy window shade. Vehicle is fully loaded with all MB options available at time of purchase. Please read over my FAQ section. You’ll have a reliable experience or the vehicle won’t be going out. The last thing I want is you to deal with ANY issues. If you’re dealing with me you will not be stranded I assure you. Please respect me by respecting my vehicle. I will leave negative feedback if you can’t, and I really don’t want to do that. Please don’t turn the bass and volume all the way up, it sounds horrible and you’re going to blow the speaker. This vehicle is in great condition for a 2009 model year. We take care of it very well. We also drive it too so don’t expect a brand new car. This car doesn’t just sit in the garage and collect dust. Expect a clean reliable car that’s extremely fun to drive.


Automatic transmission
Audio input
USB input
Heated seats
Sirius radio

Parking details

Park in lot of complex if possible (usually always available). Street parking on Modale is always available. Thanks.


NO SMOKING! No animals. That includes humans who act like animals. Please use common sense. I know it can be hard to come nowadays. I would highly recommend reading my FAQ as well as throughly through Turo’s policy and handbook. There’s a lot that I learned by reading it.


  • How do I adjust the seat!
    The seat adjustments are on the door by the handle to open the door. There are also 3 additional seat adjustments on the side near the center console.
  • iPod adapter?
    Inside the glove compartment.
  • Service lights or reminders came on. What do I do?
    Most service reminders are just that and nothing to worry about. Press OK on the steering wheel and they will go away. There’s one about an auto light feature, do not worry the feature does work the sensor needs to be replaced because I had to replace the windshield and it’s not factory glass. Theres a disagreement between the glass and the sensor. Also low coolant message. Again do not worry the sensor in the tank needs replacement. I check everything out before every rental. If a serious issue arises you will get RED warning lights and the vehicle should not be driven and stopped ASAP. I’m always available for any emergencies and have any type of roadside assistance you could ever need. Including a 250 mile tow. Just call and I’ll we’ll get you taken care of 630-309-0020.
  • Emergency situation contact other than Turo?
    Brandon Winter 630-309-0020
  • C-S-M button near the trans?
    Comfort, sport, manual modes. I use S all the time and it’s fun. DO NOT USE M-MANUAL MODE IF YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT YOU’RE DOING! Please. You’ll destroy the transmission if you don’t know how to drive in this mode. This is directly out of the Turo policy handbook- Prohibited vehicle uses and activities include: Driving a manual transmission car without being an expert in the use of clutches and manual transmissions. Note: If the drivetrain of a manual transmission car is damaged, the primary guest will be presumed to be at fault and will be held fully liable for repair of any damaged components of the car, as further detailed in our clutch policy.
  • Bluetooth set up?
    It’s in the settings of the main menu. Can be tricky, but that’s where you’ll go. A bit difficult for even myself to describe, but if you’ve setup a Bluetooth device before, this is vary similar. The vehicle manual might be best, you can find it in the glove compartment.
  • What is the fuel requirement?
    Premium fuel only. The car will not run properly, and as such will be obvious. Please don’t do it. The motor in this car pushes close to $30,000.... From the Turo policy handbook Prohibited vehicle uses and activities include: Fueling a vehicle with an improper type of fuel.
  • Mechanical Breakdowns IMPORTANT!
    Please call me immediately. I have a triple AAA policy that will give us a tow up to 250 miles. I do not want to incur a Turo penalty of $200 when I have means to help. We will work out details later. My first priority will be to help you get out of the unfortunate circumstance we’re both in. Obviously I will reimburse your whole trip. I don’t intend on this happening to anyone. It’s a machine and will have malfunctions, I’m not a psychic please forgive me. You’ll always have the opportunity to call Turo for assistance if my solution isn’t acceptable for you. Again Emergency contact 24/7 630-309-0020
  • Where is the nitrous oxide button?
    I’m not telling you, but if you find it.... Have fun and hold on. Don’t break anything. I’m not responsible for your tickets or driving infractions while driving our vehicle.


12 ratings

Brandon really loves this car and he made sure to express that to me. I would feel the same way if I had my vehicle up for rent. I have always wanted to drive a C63 and the great price and right timing had me choosing this vehicle over all of the other options. It was a location that was easy to find and parking was no issue. Driving the car was an unforgettable experience as well. The raw power of such a massive naturally-aspirated engine paired with the legendary sound coming from the pipes is a perfect combo. The 200 mile limit also really helps because I feel you can’t really go anywhere in California with only 100 miles. Overall it was a great experience and I would love to rent from Brandon again.

Martin C.-Jul 17, 2018

First off I want to say is PERFECT! Communication was on point, and always got quick responses, the car was nice and very fun to drive. I would recommend everyone to rent from Brandon and I promise you, you will not regret because I sure didn’t hahah 5 stars!

Sophanya S.-Jun 25, 2018

Amazing car. Amazing host. Amazing trip. Brandon is quick to respond and made the entire process easy. Will definitely rent from again!

Hussein S.-Jun 22, 2018

Absolutely amazing! Would definitely recommend!

Husayn ahmad R.-Jun 22, 2018

Brandon and his car were amazing! Car is super clean and drove wonderfully!! The 6.2L V8 is a beast!!!

Alen T.-Jun 7, 2018

Car Location
Huntington Beach, CA 92646