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Chevrolet Volt2017
39 trips
$ 41
per day
The car
Chevrolet Volt
39 trips
5 seats
4 doors
86 MPG
If you're needing some assistance with signing up, downloading or using the TURO application I'm happy to help you! Just call Shawn at 559-840-7767.

This 2017 Chevy VOLT is the most rented TURO vehicle in Fresno right now for good reasons: It's fast. It gets nearly 100 MPG, it's SEXY and we take AWESOME care of it (hand waxing, detailing).

The VOLT is known as a "range extended electric vehicle" (It's not really a hybrid, technically). It can either be run entirely on electricity (just plug it into any conventional 110v residential outlet) or it can operate entirely on unleaded gasoline. This means you don't ever have to plug in the Chevy VOLT at all if you don't want to. However, If you do decide to plug it in every night it will get 70 - 110 MPG! (Conversely, If you choose not to ever to plug the VOLT in at all you can expect to get around 42 MPG). For reference, cars like the TESLA, our white Nissan LEAF, our Chevy SPARK EV and our blue Mercedes electric drive MUST be plugged in to operate.

The Chevy VOLT (as of December 2016) is also now the fastest selling, most popular electric car in the world (with nearly double the sales of its closest competitor, the TESLA S (for October and November 2016). This is a really cool, beautiful, (nearly) BRAND NEW car. Fast and fun to drive! No "range anxiety"! No need to plug it in for any reason if you don't want to.

The Chevy VOLT also has some really cool technology too! The wheels are always powered by electricity from a huge 800 pound battery under the car. This is why the VOLT feels (and drives) like a really big, heavy muscle car. And when the battery runs out (you get about 50 miles from an overnight charge) a small gasoline generator under the hood (right where a regular gasoline powered car's engine is located) automatically turns on and starts recharging (and maintaining) the battery level while you're driving around. (And you'll never even notice it).

The car is a very heavy car and weighs nearly 4000 pounds. It also has 10 airbags! This is the 4th Chevy VOLT I've owned since 2014. I think the Chevy VOLT is the safest, smartest car on the road in my opinion. (And I've never liked or purchased Chevrolet cars before. I don't like Chevy's. But this is not like any Chevrolet I've ever seen or driven before.) Three people have purchased Chevy Volts as a direct result of renting this car from me since (June 2016).

Depending on how far you drive everyday and the lease payment you negotiate on a new VOLT ~ you can sometimes pay out even less overall money every month than what you're paying currently for just gasoline in the car you're driving now. And did I mention it drives like a 60's muscle car! (Zero to sixty in 7.1 seconds). Yup. It sticks to the road like glue (it's actually quite amazing in the snow ~ like those big FWD Cadillacs from the 70's). It also has nearly 300 feet pounds of torque!

Very comfortable for four people (including the driver) even on longer trips. However, the 2017 VOLT is NOT the most comfortable car in the world for FIVE total occupants (they WILL all fit, however). The only electric car I own that's even more fun to drive than this 2017 Chevy VOLT is my 2014 Mercedes Benz "B" Class Electric Drive. (Driving the Mercedes is like driving a "Rolex Watch" and it has a Tesla power plant. It's just an amazing vehicle to drive.)

We offer a (one time) 75% (repeat customer) discount (3-day MAX) on any of our electric cars for anyone who purchases any electric car (that qualifies for a Federal Tax incentives) after renting any of our electric cars. Just ask about the 75% electric car buyer discount when you call back to rent from us again.
  • Automatic transmission
  • EV / Hybrid
  • GPS
  • Audio input
  • Bluetooth
  • USB input
Parking details
Your car will always be vacuumed, washed, detailed with love and ready to be picked up (or returned) at our North Fresno parking lot at the exact times and dates you've requested when you booked your trip.

I understand people and weather are unpredictable so I'm very accommodating with (almost) any requests, changes or special accommodations when submitted using the TURO application. All texts, requests, trip modifications, etc. must be sent using the TURO application.
Delivery details
You can either provide your own transportation to get you to and from our parking lot (in North Fresno) or you can use our delivery service and we'll provide a shuttle service back and forth to our lot from your chosen address. We provide this service both at the start and end of your trip.

When you choose our delivery service we arrange and pay for a shuttle to pick you up at "guest's chosen location" which will take you directly to your TURO car at our parking lot. (That's when we hand you the key unless you opt for a self-delivery). Our shuttle will also take you home when you return your car at the end of your trip.

If you choose not to use our delivery service you will need to arrange for your own transportation to our North Fresno parking lot where we we'll meet you with the key. The parking lot address is given to you when you book your trip.

All you need to do (if you decide to use our delivery service) is simply text the word SHUTTLE when you're ready to be picked up (you must use the text messaging feature in the TURO application). We'll take care of the rest. When it's time to return your car at the end of your trip just text SHUTTLE again.

Additionally, we also provide a "self-delivery" service. With our self-delivery service, you can either provide your own transportation to and from our lot or use our delivery service. Here's how to do a "self delivery""

1) Text the word SELF to the vehicle owner (me) using the TURO application
2) You'll receive a confirmation text fifteen (15) minutes prior to your trip start time containing any specific instructions necessary to locate your car.
3) When you arrive at your car, (using the TURO "shared trip photos") upload a "selfie" photo (holding your driver's license next to your face with the car in the background) and an additional photo of your driver's license.
4) Upon receipt, access to your car and key will be performed remotely. Once you have access to your car you can complete your trip checklist and begin your trip!

Moving your car from its parking space prior to completing your trip checklist may result in your vehicle being temporarily disabled remotely. To prevent any delays to your trip please do not attempt to move your vehicle from its stall (or place the vehicle in "D" (Drive) or "R" (Reverse) until after you have completed your trip checklist in the TURO application.

Self delivery service requests require you to download the TURO application onto your smartphone. Self delivery service requests must be made no later than 60 minutes prior to your trip start time. Even if you choose the self-delivery option you will still be required to meet a representative at our parking lot at the end of your trip when you return your car.
Car location
Fresno, CA 93720