Chevrolet Volt2013
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Chevrolet Volt
2013 Chevy Volt is an awesome electric vehicle with over 30 miles of battery range and an onboard gas generator that provides an additional 230-ish miles of range for longer trips if needed. See *** below for more details on fuel efficiency. If you are an environmentalist like I am, then you are likely concerned about the car's efficiency.

In terms of other key features, the car is very roomy for it's body style. 4-door + a big back hatch. It also boasts a roof rack, including straps for surfboards as well as an option to add 1-2 bike racks (upon your request). The sound system is fantastic and the car drives incredibly well! Whether you are going on a few short trips on driving around the southwest, this car is a great option for you!

For an electric vehicle, the car has a lot of power too. You can switch between regular, sport, and mountain mode to accommodate your driving needs. The car performs better on every front when it has a charge as opposed to just running on the gas generator. Good news is that there is an abundant supply of charging stations around CA and neighboring states (see: ChargePoint. Blink, Clipper, and PlugShare for more details).

*** On pure gas driving, it gets about 35 miles per gallon. If you mix charging and gas, that number averages out much closer to around between 70+ miles per gallon. If you stay on pure electric, than you are in the 250+ miles per gallon range in terms of equivalency.
  • Automatic transmission
  • Hybrid
  • Audio input
  • Bike rack
  • Long-term trips
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San Diego International Airport
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