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BMW i3 2015

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BMW i3 of the year. BMW i3 with Range Extender 117 MPGe and up to 150 miles total range It is highest model Tera World, full leather seat BMW i3 drives as good as it looks. Just bought it less than 3 month(March 14, 2016). A great vehicle literally for everything. Day trip, date night, city tour, weekend trips down the coast Definitely a fun and practical car for your enjoyment. It is fun to drive, accelaration is fast and linear, 0-60mph 7s. most important thing is the e-moto's linear acceleration, Tons of features. Just to name the best :) MSRP $53560 the pure electronic range is around 80miles, and there are still have a small tank with 70miles range. when you rent the car it is fully charged, full tank of gas. please return as full tank. No need to do fully charge, 80 miles is free range for you. No worry about the charge, the car has 110v charge on the car, you can charge at home. And I will give you a charger point fob which can be used to charge the car. there are some place can do fast DC free charge(30min to charge 80%, whole foods has this kind of charge station). other place will cost $1 per hour to change(full charge may need 4 hours). you can use my fob to charge, you need to pay after the trip. there are bills on my charge point account. right now there thousand charge station in bay area. NO SMOKE, NO PET in the car, please. Thanks.


Automatic transmission