Nissan Versa Rental in Carpinteria, CA | Turo
Nissan Versa2016
1.6 S Plus
1 trip
$ 56
per day
The car
Nissan Versa
1.6 S Plus
1 trip
5 seats
4 doors
36 MPG
SB CarShare's 2016 Nissan Versa Plus 1.6L Automatic, MPG: Up to 31 city / 40 highway,
Overall NHTSA safety rating: 4 star, Fuel tank capacity: 10.8 gal, Horsepower: 109 hp,
MSRP: From $11,990. more info:
  • Automatic transmission
  • Audio input
  • Bike rack
  • Bluetooth
  • Pet friendly
  • Tinted Windows
  • Telematics - Smart Device Lock - UnLock
  • Optional Bike Rack
  • Express Wash $25
  • Express Gas Fill up $50
  • After hours & Emergency Requests
Parking details
Cori or Mike will arrange to have the car delivered or waiting for you.

At SB CarShare we can have our cars waiting for you or gladly pick you up from;
Air B&B, Airports, Amtrak, Bed & Breakfast, Body Shop, Cruise Ships, Greyhound, Harbor, Home, Hotel, Mechanic, Motel, Office, Repair Shop, Santa Barbara AirBus, VRBO, Work etc.
Delivery details
We Deliver to Carpinteria Area Free
- Please use the $25 First Time Renter Discount in this posting -
Hi Turo Travelers,

24/7 Our cars are always ready for you to enjoy, please let us help make your use of our cars simple and easy.

All SB CarShare vehicles are equipped with smartphone unlock & lock. Allowing for us to leave the car & pick up the car at any location 24/7, giving us easy options using our cars.

Option #1 - We will gladly drop off / Pick up our cars at your location. Then we take a quick drive back to our location to drop us off. When you’re finished, we will gladly drop you back off to your location. This option is free until midnight. 12am – 6am $50 convenience fee applies

Option #2 - Get In, Have Fun, Park It you’re done. We will deliver & pick up the car at your location.
$25 delivery and $25 pickup convenience fee applies

Please use the $25 First Time Renter Discount
Thank you for choosing

- Delivery to Buellton - Solvang - Santa Ynez Valley Available for additional fee. -
*** We follow Turo TOS. - Return as Rented. To Avoid additional fines or fees, we require the following;

1. Use Turo's messenger app or website whenever possible for arrangements to avoid any confusion or
2. On-Time pickup and drop off's. It is your responsibility to communicate to us any changes other than
previously agreed, prior to the agreed time. Delays without communication to us about your pickup and
dropoffs will result in additional waiting time fees of $15 for every additional 15 min thereafter.
3. Same Gas Level,
4. Same Cleanliness Inside and Out as received from SB,
5. Please leave your car wash receipt in the car to avoid cleaning charges.
7. We will make every effort to arrive at the scheduled time. We ask that you are ready at the time you
scheduled your reservation. delays without communication to us about your pickup and dropoffs will result in
additional waiting time fees of $15 for every additional 15 min thereafter.


Pets can only travel if they are kept in a locked carrier. Remember that we are a car-sharing community and
some members are allergic to pet hair. If you do bring your pet along for the ride please check for any pet
hair at the end of your reservation and clean it up.

Service animals used by disabled members or passengers with disabilities are an exception. These animals are allowed in the car without a pet carrier. If you need to bring a service animal, please notify us prior to your trip.

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By accepting Turo' s Terms and Conditions you are also accepting all of SBCarShare's Terms and Conditions including all additional verbiage included in this posting and SBCarShare's website.
Do I need to clean and fuel the car before I return it. No Smoking is allowed in our cars.
Yes please review Turo's TOS. The car needs to be cleaned inside and out. We deliver our cars very clean inside and out, We expect them returned for the next member in the same condition as you received our car. Yes you need to replace the fuel used during your trip.
$25.00 First time user discount.
First Time Renter Instructions: 1. Create a TURO Account using this link: 2. Get Pre-approved to drive by uploading a photo of your driver’s license and credit card info. 3. Wait for an Approval or call Turo if you need it right away 1-(866)-735-2901 4. Make a Request On This Car $25.00 First time user discount.
What is CarShare? Turo's Renter fees & fines*
Charge to Renter (not incl. admin. fee) Owner share / Admin. fee Additional Mileage Fee $0.75 per additional mile/km driven Up to 85% / † $10 Late Return Fee $50/hour, up to $200. See the Late Return Policy Up to 85% / † $25 Gas Fee Cost to replace gas not refilled 100% / $25 Toll Fee Cost of toll (including governmental charges) 100% / $10 Ticket Fee Cost of ticket (including governmental charges) 100% / $25 Cleaning, Pet, or Smoking Fee Up to $250 100% / $25
Car location
Carpinteria, CA 93013
Santa Barbara Airport
Up to 5 miles