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Alfa Romeo 4C2015
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Alfa Romeo 4C
7 trips
This is the ONLY Alfa Romeo 4c for rent in San Diego County!

The Alfa 4c is a sleek Italian two seater sports car that is often referred to as a "baby Ferrari". Made in Maserati's factory in Modena, Italy and constructed from Formula 1 grade materials and technology derived from over 100 years of Alfa Romeo's racing history, it's essentially a street legal race car that delivers a driving experience unlike any other car on the road. Trust me when I say this car will blow you away after driving it!

This brand new 4c is fully equipped with all options including Track Pack, Sport Tuned Exhaust and more. It looks beautiful in Rosso Alfa (red) over black full leather interior. If you're looking for a car that turns heads, look no further! From the 4c's exotic looks and thrilling exhaust sound, people are constantly giving you the thumbs up, taking pictures and asking "what do you do for a living?" LOL... You'll be sure to get the VIP treatment everywhere you go!

This car has no power steering which means you get an ultimate sense of road feel which is lost in most cars by having hydraulic/electronic power steering. You'll feel every curve and bend in the road through your finger tips. Ultra light weight, only 2,314 lbs (this is one of the only cars on this side of a $300,000 McLaren 650s equipped with a REAL carbon fiber tub/cockpit) provides a nearly unparalleled power-to-weight ratio meaning the Alfa can perform exceedingly well without needing a huge amount of horsepower. Brembo brakes and light weight help the Alfa stop from 60-0 mph in just 97ft (consider that a $450,000 Lamborghini Aventador requires 100ft). A 6 speed dual-clutch automatic transmission w/ paddle shifters provides quick and snappy shifts. The heart of the 4c is an absolutely ferocious mid-engine, turbocharged (boosting @ 22 psi) 1.75L, 237 horsepower, 4 cylinder engine that sits right behind your head and will launch you to 60mph in just 4 seconds! The 4c also achieves an impressive 24 city / 34 hwy mpg.

Here is your chance to indulge in a truly unique and engaging driving experience like no other!




You should probably seek another vehicle if you:
-Are seeking a calm and luxurious ride. While the car is comfortable, it is not trying to be a 7 series / S-Class / Lexus
-Require excessive storage space -- TRUNK SPACE IS LIMITED
-Do not feel comfortable driving a car with low ground clearance (must pull into driveways slowly and at an angle to avoid scraping undercarriage) and limited rear view visibility (note: car is equipped w/ back-up sensors)
-You may have trouble fitting inside if you're taller than 6'2"
-Don't like engine/exhaust noise -- much like a Lambo/Ferrari/McLaren, the motor sits right behind your head in this car. While you can still have a conversation / listen to music in the car, you will hear the engine/exhaust for the duration of your drive.
-Do not like a lot of attention (virtually EVERYONE will look at AND HEAR YOU!)


Enjoy the car, play with and feel it's power and responsive handling, but please respect it and Turo's Terms of Service. Please do not take the car to a race track (as tempting as that might be) or engage in any fast and furious type stunts (burnouts, donuts, etc.). The onboard computer will record any aggressive/abnormal use (pegging the rpms in redline for prolonged period, repeatedly hard braking, etc.).

- Premium 91 Octane Fuel Only (save receipts)
- No Automatic Car Washes
- No Smoking/Vaping in Vehicle
- No Pets in Vehicle
- No Racing, Track Days, Driving Off Pavement, Etc

Overnight street parking is available if you pick up the car directly from me and would like to leave your car while you rent mine.

Be careful, be safe and most of all, have fun!
  • Automatic transmission
  • Audio input
  • Long-term car
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Carlsbad, CA 92011