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Tesla Model S 2013

4 doors
5 seats

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Try out a Tesla for AN ENTIRE MONTH — and help support climate change activism. Our Tesla model S 60 is available from May 9 to June 15 or your time can end a few days earlier. (NO SHORT-TERMS AVAILABLE, HENCE THE COMPETITIVE PRICE. You get to try it for your daily commute and/or a road trip different than any one you've ever had. Rental can include an orientation by me or another long-time EV expert -- plus followup buying or leasing advice for any plug-in vehicle. THE DEAL: Rent our car for $99/day -- most Teslas are going for that much or more on Turo. The minimum number of days is 30 (May 9 to June 8), but it's available through June 15. Mileage allowance: 3000 miles, then $0.75/mile. Turo will keep 25%, and we'll donate 25% of the rest to http://www. or Why them? They are effectively working on awareness and solutions to our greatest challenge — climate change. WHY THIS DEAL? See photos: I love when people get "the EV grin," so I'm trying Turo. I’m an ex-entrepreneur -- see more about Felix Kramer at In 2002 I started to get automakers to mass-produce a new kind of car — the Plug-In Hybrid. In 2010 we got our Chevy Volt, then the world got PHEVs from Toyota, Ford, and others. CalCars declared a first-stage victory! Since then I've worked with Plug In America and the Electric Auto Association to get more plug-in cars on the road. ABOUT TESLA: To know more about this fun-to-drive, Car-of-the-Year Award-winning, high-performance, ultra-safe, Model S, read other glowing descriptions at Turo listings. And see the company’s or the driver watering hole ABOUT OUR CAR: Dark Green Tesla Model S 60. Black leather seats, adjustable suspension. HOV (carpool lane) stickers. Can provide FasTrak, ChargePoint and other cards for access to chargers. RANGE: 60 kWh battery gives 180+ mile range. On road trips, recharge in 30-45 minutes at free Superchargers, slower at Tesla-partnering hotels and restaurants With included cable and adaptors, at standard J-1772 or dryer outlets (NEMA 15-40 and 10-30) you get 18-30 miles of range/hour charging. At your home 120-volt outlet, put in 100 miles in a day of range (long heavy-duty extension cords included). If you're seriously interested, please don't hesitate to contact me with comments or questions.


Automatic transmission
Audio input
USB input
Toll pass
Heated seats


No smoking of course. Pick-up from you at end of time may be possible.


  • Can I rent this car in May/June 2017 for a few days or weeks?
    Our Tesla model S 60 is available from May 9 to June 8 (30 days, or until the 15th). (NO SHORT-TERMS AVAILABLE, HENCE THE COMPETITIVE PRICE.


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