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Ford Taurus1999
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Ford Taurus
The only unusual thing is the windshield wipers. Sometimes they stroke without being commanded. Just make sure the wipers aren't covered in mud or anything (and they shouldn't be...), because the wipers could theoretically spread the mud if they sporadically run. It's a driver vision concern. But it's never been a problem; I'm only taking precautions here. In heavy rain, DON'T borrow my car. The windshield wipers aren't effective enough for pouring rain. In light rain, you can turn them on and adjust speed by turning a little cylinder coming out of the left side of the steering wheel.
Gas tank cap, trunk opener, and parking brake buttons/levers are all down and on the left side of the driver. Seat-adjusting controls on the left side of the driver seat, between the door and the seat, ON the side of the seat itself. Radio included. Tape player yes, but no CD player. AC and heating are intact. Rear window defroster button on the same panel as radio controls. Headlights turned on by a knob on the left of the steering wheel. Adjusters for side-rear-view mirrors near the window opener/closer buttons on the driver's left. To slide the front passenger seat back or forth, reach under the front of the seat and pull up the bar, then slide the seat until it clicks into a position you like.
  • Automatic transmission
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Berkeley, CA 94704