Chevrolet Impala Rental in Berkeley, CA | Turo
Chevrolet Impala2005
13 trips
$ 37
per day
The car
Chevrolet Impala
13 trips
6 seats
4 doors
Gas (Regular)
24 MPG
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This is a great car to rent if you want a smooth and comfortable ride. It's been incredibly well-maintained, and the previous owner even left his maintenance records in the glove box. I also left the Autocheck in the glovebox. Everything in the car works. My insurance rates on this car are very low because it's so safe. I included some useful accessories, such as a phone mount, a USB charger, a squeegee with a sponge, and an ice scraper with a snow brush.
  • Automatic transmission
  • Long-term car
  • Pet friendly
Parking details
Please park on the street as close to North Berkeley BART as possible without parking in a residential permit area. Don't park in a spot that has street cleaning within the next 3 days. You will be liable if the car gets a parking ticket after parking in the wrong spot.
Be careful not to forget to take the keys out before closing the door. Always take the keys out of the ignition and keep them with you when you leave the car, even if it's just for a moment!

Please be sure to clean the exterior and/or interior if it gets dirty.

There is a $275 fine for smoking, and I wish it were more because it actually costs more than that to clean up the smell. This fine is for anything that emits smoke -- cigarettes, cigars, joints, etc.

During the trip, I have to be able to contact you if there are any problems. Please make sure your phone number is up-to-date and don't allow your phone to run out of batteries. If you are very late and I'm unable to contact you, I will have to assume you have stolen the car, and I will call the police to have you arrested. The car has OnStar, so I can easily find the car if I need to.

If you get a flat tire, you have to get it patched or else the wheel could get messed up if you continue driving on it. This is typically very cheap and sometimes even free.

Please return the car with the gas tank full, or else you will be charged for the gas plus a $25 admin fine.

There is a $50/hr late fee that accrues the second you are late, and it is always rounded up to the nearest hour. The second you are late, you will be charged a $75 fine ($50 late fee + $25 admin fee).

There is a $0.75/mi overage fee plus a $10 admin fee that is charged on the miles you have driven over the allotted limit.
Car location
Berkeley, CA 94702