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BMW i3 2015

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Zip from place to place silently and efficiently! Avoid the terrible sights, sounds, and smells of old rundown gas stations! Never pay a dime for any type of fuel! Enjoy the uniquely futuristic interior furnishings! Lower your cholesterol by 30%! (Ok, you might need more than just an i3 for that last one) You're looking at a freshly-leased 2015 BMW i3 REX (range extender). This ugly yet cute little hunk of carbon fiber will run for 80 miles on nothing but electrons, after which a small gasoline motor will kick in to provide you with an additional 60 miles of range. The space-age interior is funky and fresh, and provides comfortable seating for for and a spacious boot for luggage. It has a variety of luxury features such as built-in navigation, bluetooth audio, USB, automatic LED headlights, A/C, keyless entry, seat belts, wheels, and even a steering wheel! In all seriousness, it's a great little commuter car and surprisingly enjoyable to motor around in through California traffic. It's remarkably calming to be able to rest at a stoplight in total silence, and a lot of fun to scoot around with the instant torque of electric motors. The small size and high-up seating means that it's easy to park and maneuver, but the lack of any traditional engine allows far more interior room than most cars its size. One of the great perks of living in Southern California is that there are charging stations everywhere, so range around town is never an issue! Going to Disneyland? The beach? Downtown? Dinner? Nearly everywhere has conveniently located charging stations, and the GPS automatically displays them on the map - so there's never any question as to where to plug it in. The best part? Charging is on me! Just swipe the provided card, plug it in, and enjoy miles and miles of free driving. The car is nearly brand new, and in excellent condition. Give it a spin and enjoy something a bit different for your trip! Free delivery to Disneyland and surround area. $30 for drop-off to John Wayne/SNA Airport.


Automatic transmission
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