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smart fortwo2015
electric drive coupe
10 trips
$ 29
per day
The car
smart fortwo
electric drive coupe
10 trips
2 seats
2 doors
Meet the most fun car in the world! This is a 2015 smart fortwo Electric Drive. This is a 100% electric car - no gas at all. It's also BRAND NEW (as of August 2017). It has a 70 mile range and charges up within 3-4 hours at any public charging station (many of which are totally free), or overnight when plugged into a regular household outlet (charger included).

How far is 70 miles? That's from Alhambra to the beach and back - twice!

This 2-seater features a panoramic moonroof and is much larger inside than you'd ever imagine. I'm 6 foot tall and have to move the seat up just to reach the pedals. The passenger seat folds flat if you need to haul around large items, but the trunk will easily hold a week worth of groceries.

"Easy to park" doesn't begin to describe how easy this urban assault vehicle is to live with. It has an automatic transmission, bangin' stereo with a Bluetooth adapter and is dead-bang simple.


* EV's have been recently featured on Turo as a great means of transportation:

** The cost of replacing the charging cord in the trunk will be charged if lost or misplaced.

*** The car will be rented with a full charge. You must bring it back with at least 80% charge remaining or I will request reimbursement of $5-15 to 'gas' the car (depending on how low it is when you bring it back). You'll need to plan ahead for this as most public chargers will put about 20% of the battery charge per hour.

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  • Automatic transmission
  • Audio input
  • Bluetooth
  • USB input
  • Sunroof
No smoking - not even clothes that smell like smoke.

No pets.

Please pick it up and drop the car off on time. If you drop it off and I'm not around, please plug it in the charger.

Bring the car back with at least 80% charge or I will ask for a reimbursement for 'gas' of $5-15.
How do I charge the car?
To find a public charger, download the "PlugShare" app on your phone, and filter the results for the "EV Plug (J1772)" charger type. You'll see all the locations on the map, with detailed descriptions of how to find it, costs if any, and user reviews. Once you've found the charger you want, unlock the car doors from the key (this unlocks the 'gas cap'), open the gas cap, and plug in the car! That's it!
How do I know how far I can drive?
There is a mileage-to-empty indicator right under the odometer. In addition, the two little gauges on the dashboard show you % of charge and % of power you are using/regenerating during braking.
How do I get the most out of the battery?
It's all about how you drive. Drive like there is an egg under your foot and you'll go far. Pull a NASCAR and you'll barely get 40 miles. To maximize range: 1. drive slower 2. turn off the A/C or heat 3. accelerate gently 4. brake gently 5. pick a flat elevation route I've gotten over 100 miles range by driving 55 on the freeway with the A/C off. On the other hand, with the heat blazing and driving 75mph, the range is as low as 60. In truth, any sane driving around an urban area will result in about 80 miles of safe driving range. Chargers are everywhere. Even with the 'slow charger', it will be full if you plug it in to a regular outlet at your house and leave it overnight. Driving distance really isn't a factor once you get used to it - just plug it in at night, and it's full in the morning.
Car location
Alhambra, CA 91801