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Bentley Continental GT 2006
Dave’s Bentley GT is beyond amazing. Driving this vehicle is such an experience and no words to really describe the adrenaline rush when you’re behind the wheel. Dave was a great host, should you decide to rent his Bentley you must respect his car and drive cautiously.
Kimberly B. - December 10, 2018
Bentley Continental GTC 2013
This was my first time using Turo and it was excellent. The airport lot was convenient and Esther was helpful and responsive throughout the process. The car itself was AMAZING! Overall it was very clean and in great condition. My wife and I had a blast cruising up the PCH with the top down! I would definitely rent this Bentley again.
Bob B. - October 4, 2018
Bentley Continental GT 2005
Awesome rental! Highly recommend using Cash for a top flight car rental.
Derrick P. - November 19, 2018
Bentley Continental GT 2006
Mohammad was very easy to coordinate with and couldn't have been friendlier. He even met me curbside at SFO and let me take the car from there. He made sure he took the time to show me a couple of the quirks that come with a Bentley, such as the AUX arrangement and the ride height control. You'll need to be able to raise the car ride height for driving in the city. The continental was a ton of fun to drive around town and made longer trips on the freeways an absolute pleasure. I'd happily rent the Bentley or another car from Mohammad the next time I'm I'm town.
John R. - April 9, 2018
Bentley Continental GTC 2013
Cruising around LA in Esther's black Bentley Continental GT Convertible was one of the greatest highlights of our family's stay in Los Angeles. Esther's husband Andy was fantastic to deal with, and couldn't have been more helpful. Communication was always quick, concise and helpful. Car was presented in near-perfect condition (apart from slight sun-fading on some of the carbon fibre pieces), and was an absolute pleasure to drive. All the issues flagged by one previous negative review were either incorrect, or have been well and truly rectified. My daily drive is a Bentley GT Coupe with a W12, and even though the Bentley V8 engines might not quite match the power of the W12 engines, they're much lighter, and this car felt and sounded quicker, and handled better too due to less weight. This car is an effortless cruiser, with the ability to go fast too. It has huge amounts of refined street presence, and makes you feel fantastic pulling into the valet at any hotel or restaurant. Valet usually leave the car right out the front, where it never fails to win admiring glances. The $2,000 deposit was refunded without any issues within 5 days of returning the car. I can't recommend it enough, and also recommend renting the car for more than a week, as the daily rate reduces by more than 30% when you take out a long-term rental. Would definitely rent this car again from Esther and Andy.
Andrew B. - April 14, 2018
Bentley Continental GTC 2012
This's my second time I rented from Rodeo. Another exceptional experience!. The car is phenomenal and the host is super nice. Thanks again for the wonderful time. Come rent a car from Rodeo and you won't be disappointed. I highly highly recommend them.
Samuel P. - July 27, 2018
Bentley Continental GT 2015
Really enjoyed the Bentley, host was very professional, met with me right away and took the time to go over the vehicle with me and made sure I was completely satisfied with the car. Will definitely be renting again from him.
Anthony C. - January 13, 2019
Bentley Continental GTC 2009
Matthew is an excellent car host. Great communication and very positive to deal with. The Bentley is outstanding, he has looked after it very well and it drives amazingly. Will definitely be back to rent again.
Bobby W. - February 15, 2019
Bentley Continental GTC 2013
I had an awesome time with this rental. Everything went great with the Pickup and Drop-off. The car was beautiful inside and out. Overall great experience.
William W. - February 19, 2019
Bentley Continental GT Speed 2014
Loren was an amazing host! Stellar and responsive communication! Very flexible with my changing needs due to flying in from out of town. The Bentley is sexy, sleek and fast! I highly recommend Loren’s Bentley and look forward to renting again once I move into town Thank you, Loren!!
Hayward J. - February 26, 2019
Bentley Continental GT 2005
Great car great guy!! Definitely would rent again when I’m back in town
Jeremy G. - March 7, 2019
Bentley Continental GT Speed 2008
Micheal is a wonderful guy. Car is beautiful. He is very prompt in communication. I enjoyed his beautiful Bentley. Strongly recommend his car
Vishal J. - March 12, 2019
Bentley Continental GTC 2009
I rented a Bentley GTC from Jana. The car was exactly as advertised. They were professional and explained the details of the car. It was a blast to drive the Bentley for a day. I would rent again from Jana.
Donald P. - October 11, 2018
Bentley Continental GT 2006
Our flight was delayed for three hours which put us there after midnight. Paul never flinched and delivered the car even at that late hour. The car was amazing. People would gather when we parked and talk about the Bentley and its "Presence". We loved it so much its on my list of future cars. Would not hesitate to rent again.
Ben D. - October 30, 2018
Bentley Continental GT 2005
First time renting with Papa and definitely won’t be the last. Did the black Bentley and good car for the price I’m going to save and do the Ferrari or grey Bentley next 👍
Robert W. - October 31, 2018
Bentley Continental GTC 2009
⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 5-Star renter and rental. Best set up renter I've come across in my 50+ trip journey with Turo. Great location/facilities, extremely knowledgeable about cars and a great car collection. Accommodating and professional as it gets, I cannot offer words to match the praise owed. The Bentley GTC Speed is a head-turning ultra luxury car with passing power that such a heavy car rarely has. The convertible top hides away cleanly without any trunk-space interference, and there is plenty of trunk space! Only place with a lack of space is the backseat, which is still reasonably sized. The engine has a classy understated rumble for the amazing power this twin-turbo 6.0ltr v12 has. If you're looking to treat yourself, this is the car.
David W. - November 5, 2018
Bentley Continental GTC 2009
I highly recommend Matthews Bentley GTC. It is a beautiful car, with a great ride. Matthew was fast and prompt to reply which helped make the pickup and drop off process a breeze! We will definitely rent again!
Lorenzo M. - November 4, 2018
Bentley Flying Spur 2015
⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 5-Star Turo renter. Pickup and drop off was a breeze, and car was absolutely breathtaking. I definitely recommend the Bentley Flying Spur, one of the newer examples on Turo. The twin-turbo V8 is a heavy hitter, and the luxury level is top shelf. Wood and leather covering everything. The car is so solid, yet accelerates and performance like a much lighter and smaller car. Perfect car for a group of 4, maybe 5 visiting Vegas. This car turns heads!
David W. - November 9, 2018
Bentley Continental Flying Spur 2006
Awesome experience!!! I rented the Bentley flying spur to surprise my bride on our wedding day!!! We drove off in a great luxurious car!! Mark and his wife are the best!!!
Rotimi F. - October 29, 2017
Bentley Continental GTC 2009
Armen’s Bentley is a MUST RENT! From the smooth drive to the powerful engine, this car is true elegance. To make things even better Armen and his team make the rental experience truly amazing. I’ll be renting again very soon!
Jaiah K. - January 21, 2018
Bentley Continental GTC 2009
Renting the white Bentley was beautiful. I would like to thank Armen for his flexibility and understanding and make it happening for my wedding day. His response time was fast. I would recommend anyone to rent any car from him. World class service
Othman O. - December 18, 2017
Bentley Continental GTC 2012
Being in the best convertable car in So Cal was fun. My kids enjoyed the open top so much. Not as fresh and sparkling clean as a new car but a Bentley sure is better other rentals, especially at a good price.
Quan P. - December 26, 2017
Bentley Continental GT 2005
In all the times I've ever rented or considered renting on Turo, I personally believe that my renting experience with Mohammad and his Bentley Continental has been the best so far. I thoroughly enjoyed my experience renting with him and his car, from top to bottom. The car itself was excellent. It was very well-maintained and even though it was a 2005 model, it felt like I was driving a car that was just released this year. It's clear that Mohammad put alot of effort into taking care of his car. The experience itself was just as great. There is no comparable driving experience to driving a Bentley. The mix of luxury and sport that it provided was truly unique. Whether I wanted a smooth drive or a fun drive, the Bentley was able to give me both. Working with Mohammad was a great experience as well. Him and his brother both provided me with extensive instructions and tips on how to best use the car before we hopped in it. Throughout the rental process, they were very open to answering any questions I had and were very quick to respond to me. Mohammad and his brother are some of the best people I have ever had the chance to rent from, not just on Turo, but on all platforms. To sum it up, Mohammad and his brother stated to me that they not just wanted to rent out cars, but to build good working relationships with their rentees. I agree with their vision, and if my experience with them is indicative of anything, it showed that they really believe their vision. I would rent from Mohammad again, no questions asked.
Vergel M. - December 25, 2017
Bentley Continental GTC 2012
Imtiaz was extremely professional, approachable and detailed with the description and instructions of renting his Bentley. We had rented for our wedding and when we were running 20 mins late to return the car, he personally called us and reassured us that it would be ok. The car itself was amazing! Spotless inside and out, ran like a dream, and turned heads wherever we went! Next time I need to rent my next amazing experience, I will always come to Imtiaz first!!!
Steve S. - March 25, 2018
Bentley Continental GTC 2012
Imtiaz faced some minor issues during this rental, but he did everything possible to fix it, sending me to a nearby Bentley dealer who diagnosed the problem efficiently. And Imtiaz could not have been more accommodating. Plus, the car is a joy to drive.
Richard A. - May 24, 2018
Bentley Continental GTC 2009
Best place to rent. Awesome service, great Cars. Lots of fun. I will be back. Drove Bentley first day and then rented Jaguar second day. 👍🏾
Jeremiah K. - April 23, 2018
Bentley Continental Flying Spur 2008
Fantastic Turo renter, very professional set up and tons of amazing cars. The Bentley Flying Spur is a beast of a car, and the luxury is tops. Literally the ceiling is leather ! Most wood/leather you'll ever see in a car other than other Bentley's or RRs. The W-12 engine is superb. Has a different power feel than light sports cars. The fact this car moves as it does weighing 5500 is crazy.
David W. - August 8, 2018
Bentley Continental GTC 2009
The whole rental process went as smoothly as possible. Matthew walked me through the entire functions of the car prior to driving off. The car was very clean with a fresh coat of wax on it as well. First time driving a Bentley. Lots of power and comfortable to drive. Will definitely rent his car again. Highly recommend this car for your future trip.
Keith L. - September 4, 2018
Bentley Continental GTC 2012
The car was absolutely awesome. We had booked another car but there was some confusion on the pick up date. Rodeo immediately resolved it by upgrading us to Audi R8. We loved the car and communication with Rodeo. Will definitely rent from him again.
Ankur M. - January 19, 2019
Bentley Continental GTC 2013
Josh was a professional and the car was perfect in all ways. Look forward to renting from him again. Highly recommended!
Garrett G. - January 26, 2019
Bentley Continental Flying Spur 2008
Vahan was very friendly and the car was amazing. Definitely will rent again
Andy W. - January 20, 2019
Bentley Continental GTC 2013
Nelson was very responsive and the car was well maintained. He accommodated our request for the car to be dropped off at the Airport instead of the original drop off location. We will rent from him again!
Kyle S. - February 18, 2019
Bentley Continental GT 2012
Papa Zack is the man. We enjoyed the Bentley. He will be our source for high end vehicles from now on when we come to Houston. As a bonus, he’s a super nice guy! A+++
Chris H. - February 28, 2019
Bentley Continental GT 2015
Mohammed was so incredibly helpful and kind. He really went out of his way, and the car was so beautiful and drove smoothly and comfortably. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend the car to anyone who needs a beautiful luxury car at a fair price! -BW
Brian W. - February 24, 2019
Bentley Continental GTC 2012
great car... first Turo experience... was amazing value and loved the car.... real head turner.. amazing ride and sound system.
Lloyd G. - February 27, 2019
Bentley Continental GT Speed 2014
Great experience! Nice car ! Thanks Loren
Jeff M. - March 17, 2019
Bentley Continental GT 2015
Adam is just excellent to rent from. Cars are always great and a great focus on customer service!
Tom H. - October 19, 2018
Bentley Continental GT Speed 2013
Beautiful car! Excellent communication and easy to work with owner. Would rent again .
Michael J. - October 29, 2018
Bentley Continental GT 2005
Great experience, beautiful car, and Kash made the experience even better .... great person and laid back can’t wait to rent again and again
Jarrell P. - October 21, 2018
Bentley Continental GT 2015
Rented from Adam numerous times. Cars are always in excellent condition and communication is tops. Highly recommend!
Tom H. - October 25, 2018
Bentley Continental GT 2006
Paul is flexible and easy to deal with. The Bentley gets a ton of looks. I’d rent from him again.
Mustangmark50 .. - November 16, 2018
Bentley Continental GTC 2009
Great car very easy process and flexibility. Highly recommended and would rent again. Thank you !
David D. - November 17, 2018
Bentley Continental GTC 2013
Great car, comfortable and fast. God Bless Bentley :)
Steven D. - November 20, 2018
Bentley Continental GT 2015
A pleasure to rent from you!! Loved the car and appreciate your amazing customer service!!
Alexandra F. - December 6, 2018
Bentley Continental GT 2006
The car was amazing. Excellent and so much fun to drive. It was so easy to deal with Paul and Joel. I’ll definitely rent from them again. Great experience all around. Thank you.
Ranbir A. - November 23, 2018
Bentley Continental GT 2006
They were extremely easy to work with. Talk about time saver. Pick up and drop off right by baggage claim! I will be renting this car again.
Hunter C. - September 24, 2018
Bentley Continental GT 2015
Had an awesome experience renting the Bentley. Requested a pick-up/drop-off from the airport and it was so easy. Within minutes I was off cruising around. Thanks for such an easy and fun experience!
Parmeet D. - October 14, 2018
Bentley Continental GTC 2009
If you have ever wanted to experience a Bentley GT then this is the car for you! The car is stunning and in perfect condition and Matthew is a really nice guy who makes the whole experience really easy. But most of all driving this car is having a volcano under the bonnet and yet so smooth!
Patrick J. - December 13, 2018
Bentley Continental GTC 2013
It was a memorable experience This is my first time to use turo but this rental gave me a lot of confidence For future rental The car is in excellent condition And the host was accommodating and provided excellent communication
Ahmed T. - October 30, 2018
Bentley Continental GT 2005
Anthony is very easy-going! Rented the Bentley for my birthday - loved it, thanks!
Steven B. - October 15, 2017
Bentley Continental GT 2016
The car was amazing! Mark was very easy to communicate with and made my first Turo experience a great one. Definitely would like to rent with Mark again.
Amir N. - October 31, 2017
Bentley Continental Flying Spur 2006
Uzair was great to communicate with. The Bentley was great. Got so many compliments every where I went. Would definitely rent from him again.
Shawn B. - November 5, 2017
Bentley Continental Flying Spur 2006
Luv da Bentley I️ would rent again....Uzair is really good people
Ronnie S. - November 13, 2017
Bentley Continental Flying Spur 2006
I️ enjoyed renting with Uzair, would rent from his company again in the future. I️ rented his Bentley Spur & his MB E-Class for a couple days and both definitely turned heads !
Ilania T. - November 18, 2017
Bentley Continental GTC 2013
Car was in good cosmetic condition. Communication was great. Would rent again.
Thomas W. - November 28, 2017
Bentley Continental GTC 2013
Great car! Easy communication and handling! I’m sure I’ll rent again from Esther. A+
Ruven A. - December 7, 2017
Bentley Continental GTC 2009
Great car Bentley drives good looks good
Markeith L. - December 4, 2017
Bentley Continental GT 2015
I had a very good experience renting this car. As soon as I arrived from my flight this man picked me up on time as he said he would. He was very fair and easy to work with. The car was very smooth and very clean. I had a really good experience and when I come back in a few months I will rent this car again. This car rode very smooth but as soon as you gave it some gas it you really felt the 500 horse power. He even helped me out with a ride to the airport when it was time to leave. Muhammad is a really good guy and I truly recommend his services.
Mike S. - December 12, 2017
Bentley Continental GT 2005
Mohammad’s Bentley was fantastic to drive for the day. I particularly want to highlight the exceptional service Mohammad provided me. He truly cares and communicates in a timely manner and made the whole process a smooth experience.
Matthew A. - January 12, 2018
Bentley Continental GT 2005
This car was an eye turner. No doubt. Thank you guys for sharing. My husband enjoyed it, which it was a birthday present. I will definitely be renting again.
Latoya M. - January 14, 2018
Bentley Continental GT 2016
Renting from Mark was smooth and friendly, and, what a great car! Recommended !
Exey E. - January 10, 2018
Bentley Continental GTC 2012
Beautiful and clean car. Very nice tan interior, and easy to pick up and drop off. Will rent again for sure ;)
Mehdi M. - January 28, 2018
Bentley Continental GT 2015
Great company, && Amazing customer service!! They are now my go-to for rentals anytime i'm in California. The Bentley I rented was nothing less then perfect. Ive used turo many times in the past and this was just over the top.
Derek E. - February 17, 2018
Bentley Continental GT 2007
Great car! I really enjoyed it and I will definitely rent again. The car was in good condition and was a smooth ride. Imperial was great as well. Professional, Flexible and easy to communicate with.
Omar B. - March 2, 2018
Bentley Continental GTC 2009
I love this car!!!! It’s a must rent! This rental team is the best.
Jaiah K. - March 11, 2018
Bentley Continental Flying Spur 2006
This was a great first experience and an amazing vehicle. Alec was courteous and prepared with a beautiful Bentley. Flawless experience from start to finish in a great car. Highly recommended!
Philip K. - March 11, 2018
Bentley Continental GT 2005
Great car with awesome pick-up. Turns a ton of heads, and is very clean! Papa was very nice and super flexible, will definitely be renting from papa again.
Hannah M. - December 21, 2017
Bentley Continental GT 2015
Had an awesome experience. Really nice people to rent cars from I recommend everyone that goes to LA to use them. Thank you for everything :)
Dario B. - December 20, 2017
Bentley Continental Flying Spur 2006
The car and Uzair were fantastic. Unfortunately the previous renter's had made a bit of a mess in the interior of the car. Due to back to back rentals this could not be addressed before my pick up. It only took a little time to take care of it. The car drove great and turned a lot of heads. Thoroughly enjoyed it and I will be back again for more!
Trey H. - December 27, 2017
Bentley Continental GT 2015
Great experience, the car was dropped off to us and it was picked up where we left it. Excellent communication. Very good experience would absolutely rent from them again !
Amanda T. - March 25, 2018
Bentley Continental GT 2006
Great opportunity to drive a car I would never want to own. Mohammad was very easy to rent from, communication was fast and thorough. Wouldn’t hesitate to work with him again.
Jonah R. - May 25, 2018
Bentley Continental GT 2005
Mohammad’s Bentley was great to have for the week. The car was clean and the service was great. Definitely will use again!
Simon K. - January 4, 2018
Bentley Continental GT 2005
Words cannot express the exceptional service Mohammad provided in renting out his amazing Bentley. Extremely knowledgeable about the vehicle and provided a great tutorial about driving to make the most of our experience. Very punctual and flexible in the pick up and return process. Turo should feel good knowing they have great owners offering exceptional vehicles and service as Mohammad and his Bentley.
Albert G. - January 8, 2018
Tony, II
Bentley Continental GT 2005
Beautiful car! Great host! I would definitely rent this vehicle again!
Tony, II C. - April 1, 2018
Bentley Continental GTC 2012
Loved renting this car and pick up and drop off couldn’t have been more seamless. Best of all, when we were just a few minutes late due to really bad traffic, they were kind enough to wave any charge. The car was a blast to drive. Would definitely do it again. Thanks!!!
Cody R. - April 17, 2018
Bentley Continental GT 2005
Prakash responded in a timely manner. It was my first time renting through Turo and he made my experience so simple, smooth and great! I had reserved initially with another renter whom never responded and my request had lapse after eight hours. So when I reached out to him last minute for my sons prom ! He called back shortly after relieving me of my anxiety to get my son a luxury car at the last minute! So I am so thankful for his services. Thanks to him and his awesome car my sons prom night was a great success! Thanks again Prakash.
Charlette Z. - April 15, 2018
Bentley Continental GT 2005
Amazing Car and amazing service! Pick up and return was super easy and the car itself made the rental worth every penny! Be prepared to get a lot of attention!
Jose V. - April 23, 2018
Bentley Continental Flying Spur 2006
The Bentley was awesome, had a few things with the car he was unaware of but not his fault. Overall was a good experience.
Kalen D. - May 4, 2018
Bentley Continental GTC 2007
Car was great, so much fun to drive. Very clean and well taken care of. Jessica is great to deal with, would love to rent again.
Brian M. - May 9, 2018
Bentley Continental GTC 2009
Having a great experience with wonderful car host. Amazing dream car that needs to be drive once (or more) in your lifetime. Highly recommanded. Very fair price. We decide to bring back the car 1 hour in advance and they did accommodate us rapidly. Owner are very friendly and it was easy to get the car and give it back. Thank you so much.
Laurent M. - April 1, 2018
Bentley Continental GT 2015
I loved this Bentley, made my stay in LA that much better. Would rent again anytime I’m here. The owner is really cool, flexible, and easy to reach. Overall an awesome experience.
Tim P. - June 1, 2018
Bentley Continental GT 2006
Paul was super flexible and the car was AMAZING. Everything was incredibly smooth. Would absolutely rent again.
Michael M. - August 11, 2018
Bentley Continental GTC 2013
Great car & easy pick up & drop off! Thanks & I will definitely rent from you again
Tieshia G. - August 22, 2018
Bentley Continental GT 2012
Love the car, I’ll rent again in the future.
Craig A. - September 1, 2018
Bentley Continental GT 2006
Paul’s Bentley is a head turner and so much fun to drive. I’d rent it again in a heartbeat.
Joseph N. - August 2, 2018
Bentley Continental GT 2012
Lawrence was easy to work with and had excellent communication, i actually turned around and rented another car from him
Richard P. - June 10, 2018
Bentley Continental GTC 2009
My guy Gonzalo is the best! His Bentley was a dream boat to drive. I can’t wait to rent from him again!
Ryan F. - July 2, 2018
Bentley Continental GTC 2012
Manuel as a pleasure to rent from. He was punctual both times. The car is pretty awesome with great rims and drives well. Highly recommend to rent from him again.
Christian C. - July 5, 2018
Bentley Continental GT 2012
Papa is always over delivering with his collection! I was the first to rent this amazing machine. Super fun to drive - FAST - and very comfortable. You can beat the bang for the buck on this amazing car. Everyone knows exactly what it is too. That can’t be said for other cars - most people see a 2 door sports car and call it a Ferrari no matter what it is. This car is unmistakeable and the Valets love to park it out front. Treat yourself. You can’t go wrong with this one. Thanks Papa!!
Michael M. - July 12, 2018
Bentley Continental Flying Spur 2006
Great customer service. The Bentley was amazing car to drive will use them again.
Jared T. - July 17, 2018