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Polaris Slingshot 2016

50 trips
26 MPG
Gas (Premium)
2 seats

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Braxton All-Star Host
52 tripsJoined Aug 2016
Typically responds in 2 minutes
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Pristine 2016 Slingshot SL Model. NOTE: This is the ONLY Slingshot on Turo in the PHX Metro area with an F4 Customs' tinted windshield, which is 3 full inches taller than ANY factory windshield and specifically contoured to deflect airflow around the passenger cabin. This DRAMATICALLY reduces wind noise and wind chill, significantly increasing comfort in cool weather and allowing for driver/passenger conversation without the need to yell, even at highway speeds. PLEASE READ OTHER GUEST COMMENTS ON THE DIFFERENCE IT MAKES. Only 15K miles and owned since mile 173. With recently adjusted belt tension, plus Teflon coating, this is the most rattle-free, squeak-free Slingshot on the road, and runs smooth as a Lexus but so much more fun! The Slingshot SL package includes * Backup camera, * Bluetooth connectivity for multiple devices, including driver headset, phone, or any other Bluetooth enabled device for hands free calling, * Upgraded sound system, via Bluetooth or USB input, (if, like myself, you're a bit of an audiophile and Bluetooth just doesn't cut it). * Cruise control, * Factory cabin lighting * Traction and electronic stability control that will keep you out of trouble if you want it to but can be fully disabled with the flick of a switch, if you'd rather live dangerously * JUST UPGRADED stock rear rubber with 20" Nitto G2 Sport...materially better grip, much less unintentional wheel-spin at launch, and much quieter at freeway speed. Being an open cabin vehicle, with 4.5 inches of ground clearance, a Slingshot is, by design, less isolated from the exterior environment, so, both factory and after-market parts have all been carefully chosen to enhance both driver and passenger comfort, convenience and "usability", without detracting from the intimate connection with the road and driving environment in which such a vehicle is designed to immerse you. Additional after-market creature-comforts include: * Multi-device windscreen dash mount, * Adjustable rear view mirror (this is huge if you've never ridden a Slingshot), * Adjustable magnetic mount for phone, pod, etc. already connected to USB audio input, * Additional driver and passenger side LED cabin lighting (which you don't realize how much you needed until you have it), * JUST ADDED, F4 Customs "+3 Model" tinted windscreen, which provides vastly superior wind noise reduction and road hazard protection in the cabin, even for 6 foot + guys and gals. In AZ, there's no need for motorcycle license to operate a Slingshot, but motorcycle plate lets you legally use any HOV lane at any time, even with only one passenger. FIRST TIME TURO USER? Copy and paste the link to get $25 off your first rental when you sign up, and get approved, as a new user:


Manual transmission
Audio input
USB input
F4 Customs +3" Slingshot windscreen
Multi-device Bluetooth connectivity
Premium audio system
Rear back up camera
Much less wind noise vs. OEM windscreen
Speed variable volume for calls + music
Multiple USB ports/input+charging
Anti-lock brakes
Traction control
Electrionic stability control
Use any HOV lane in AZ, any time


Add optional Extras to your trip at checkout.
Children’s Bell Custom 500 motorcycle helmet, with Retro Peak Visor; 53-54 cm, approximately for ages 6-12. - Padded chin strap with D-ring closure and strap keeper - Multi Density EPS liner - Stainless Steel D-ring closure - Leather D-ring pull tab
$10/day1 available
Post-trip cleaning
Return the car hassle free, without worrying about cleaning up after your trip. Does not cover upholstery cleaning, spills, stains, pet hair, or smoke removal.
Prepaid refuel
Pre-purchase fuel for maximum convenience and return the vehicle at any fuel level. 9.8 Gal (US) tank capacity at MINIMUM 91 octane to self-fuel typically ranges from $3.00-$3.50/gal in AZ.

Parking details

The Slingshot is located in a private, gated community which does not allow overnight street parking, however, if you are local and coming to pick it up, you are welcome to leave your vehicle. We will store it in the garage, in the slot typically occupied by the Slingshot for the term of the rental.


No smoking. No animals. No off road use. No more than 2 people, total, at a time. No regular octane fuel. Yes to HOV lane. Yes to high octane fuel. Yes to helmets for minors.


  • Are there any discounts available?
    Yes, for new, unregistered users! If you are new to Turo, you can receive $25 off you first rental after you sign up, get approved and book your first trip. Copy and paste this link into a new tab in your browser,, and then come back here to book your first trip.
  • What type of vehicle is the Slingshot? A motorcycle or a car?
    In the U.S, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration defines and regulates three-wheeled vehicles as motorcycles. However, in 2015 a bill was introduced in Congress that prevented some 3-wheeled vehicles from being classified as motorcycles, and instead creating a new classification for "autocycles". Arizona followed suit and classified Slingshots as autocycles in 2016. What does this mean? It means you need to be aware of some non-auto laws and/or guidelines that don't necessarily apply to cars. HOV LANE:
  • Do I need to wear a helmet?
    Helmets in the Slingshots are not required for adults in Arizona, however, those 18 and under are required, by state law, to wear a motorcycle helmet. As an Extra, we have one for use, that will likely fit kids aged 6-12, or so. There are several shops around town that offer helmet rentals if you will have a child in the Slingshot or are interested in one for yourself. Don't hesitate to ask if you need helping finding or obtaining a helmet(s) in advance of your trip. NOTE - Ensuring you and your passengers are compliant with the state mandated helmet laws is solely the renters responsibility.
  • Can I drive in the HOV lane?
    Yes! In Arizona, as a categorized autocycle, Slingshots can drive in the HOV lane, 24/7, regardless of the number of passengers.
  • Are any accessories included in the rental?
    All trips will include, at no charge and upon request: - PHONE MOUNT: There is a magnetic, dash mount phone holder. You don't have a metal plate on/in your phone/phone case? No problem...we have metal plates you can borrow to slide inside your phone case or adhere to the outside of your case with 3M Command Strips, for temporary use that will come off without a leaving any residue. We keep them in the Turo folder in the glove-box, but make sure to check with us at checkout if you need one. - PHONE CABLE: There is a wired phone cable that: 1) has a Lightening or Micro USB connector, and 2) connects your phone to the Slingshot's sound system. - HATS: We keep one baseball cap in the glove-box, but if you want another size or style, we have a couple others you can choose from. Make sure to ask at when at pick it up if this is important to you. - SUNSCREEN: We highly recommend the use of sunscreen while driving during the day. If you don't have your own, there is sunscreen in the glove-box. - RAIN GEAR: If you happen to book your trip on one of the 36 days it rains each year in the Valley, there is one rain coat in the storage compartment behind the driver's seat. If there is rain in the forecast, feel free to ask for a second. PLEASE NOTE: We try to keep all of these items in the car, but some tend to go missing or are removed, unbeknownst to us. If any of these items are important they be provided, please inquire at booking or at pickup. Only upon request and/or from other providers: - Helmet(s) Feel free to ask for any other accessories not listed above. We want to ensure your drive is as comfortable as we can make it, we just ask that you ensure all accessories are returned.
  • How is the noise level and its impact on hearing music/conversation/phone calls?
    MUSIC The SL model's high-end audio system automatically adjusts music volume as speed increases. Depending on variables, such as windshield type and dimension, whether driver and/or passenger are wearing a helmet, road surface material, etc., this feature can be adjusted to low, medium or high to ensure that the output volume range appropriately matches wind and road noise as speed increases, or may be shut off altogether if driver and/or passenger prefer to adjust manually. CONVERSATION & PHONE CALLS This Slingshot is equipped with F4 Customs' "+3 Model", top of the line, custom tinted wind screen. F4 Customs is a world renowned manufacturer of best-in-class custom windshields and windscreens, each custom designed to fit a specific model of motorcycle, autocycle, vintage sidecar or and collector car. This windscreen is 3" taller, relative to the tallest available factory option, and provides superior optics, road hazard and debris protection, and dramatically decreased wind noise and buffeting, whether at street of highway speed. This allows for driver-passenger conversation and/or phone calls very similar to that in a typical convertible.
  • Do you have any scenic drives you can recommend?
    Yes!!! We are working on a guidebook of our favorite drives, but in the meantime, if you want to take a drive in the Slingshot, I'm more than happy to suggest a drive or two or five. Let me know how much time you want to kill, a general idea what you want to see and your tolerance for going over on allowable miles, and I will take your answers and the weather into account and give you a couple suggestions of scenic (and fun) drives to choose from.
  • What's the Slingshot's gas situation?
    The Slingshot: - Takes Premium gas. - Has a 9.8 gallon tank. - Gets 29.3 mpg, on average, but I can report mileage is widely variable (28.9 [highway] to 59 [city] mpg), depending on how you're driving, highway vs. city, cargo weight, elevation, etc..
  • Where can I see the Slingshot's User Manual?
    It's usually in the glove-box, but you can also access it online at:
  • Can I connect my phone to the Slingshot?
    Yes! BLUETOOTH If you wish, you can setup and connect your phone to the Slingshot's Bluetooth, which will allow you to listen to and control your music through the sound system, however, this will not give you use of your phone through the Bluetooth...a hands-free headset is recommended for phone use. WIRED For music, you can get easy access to, and control of, your music by plugging your phone (Samsung or iPhone) into the cable at the phone mount, or there is an extra USB port in the glove-box.
  • Is there any storage in the Slingshot?
    Yes! The Slingshot has decent sized, locking, waterproof storage compartments behind each seat, which are good for overnights. And, there is a waterproof, locking glove-box and waterproof, zipping pouches on the outside of each seat which provide good storage for day-trips.


43 ratings

Super easy to work with and accommodating.

Fabian M.-May 13, 2019

Wow this toys it’s so fun so drive around the city and so clean, and braxton it’s really nice guy he will help with any questions that you will have you should try it!!!

Aviv P.-May 8, 2019

Braxton is a great host and the slingshot was an awesome ride for touring Phoenix and the surrounding area. Definitely recommended.

Alex N.-Apr 21, 2019

Awesome fun car.

Jamie O.-Apr 15, 2019

Slingshot is a really fun experience.

Ron A.-Mar 24, 2019

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