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Nissan Leaf2015
6 trips
$ 60
per day
The car
Nissan Leaf
6 trips
5 seats
5 doors
All electric vehicle (EV). Hatchback. The Nissan Leaf is the first EV model to go over one billion miles. This is your chance to drive an EV before considering buying one.

EV ranges range from 20 miles to 320 miles. This one goes about 60 from plug to plug. The idea is to always have some in reserve. This is quite an adventure for new users and definitely not for everybody. But we have driven this car 67,000 miles and still like it. If you find that you can manage this car then later when you drive a cheap EV with lesser range you will be better at managing it, and if you drive a more modern EV with 100-300 miles range or that has a gasoline or hydrogen range extender then you will be quite comfortable.

Most car shares require you to return the car with full fuel. NOT this one! We will deliver the car with at least 50% fuel and plug it in for you at an outlet that you select with us. And if you return it with at least 20% charge and plugged in and charging, then we will waive your normal fuel charges and the normal Turo requirement to refuel to the original level and the refueling fee.

Leather seats.
All seats and steering wheel are heated to save fuel.
AC works great.
Air control is automatic. Just set your desired temperature.
Solar panel recharges accessory battery.
360 degree backup cameras show street paint.
Bose luxury audio.

Bike rack for 3 bikes or luggage privacy guard are usually available if you request them in advance.

RV/dryer/welder plugs are temporarily unavailable. You will be able to use public fast charger L3s (440V), and public L2s (220V), and 110V plugs that can provide 12A continuous draw.
  • Automatic transmission
  • GPS
  • Audio input
  • Bike rack
  • Long-term car
  • Bluetooth
  • Pet friendly
  • USB input
  • Heated seats
  • Bose audio
  • Leather seats
  • Navigation to EV charging stations
  • Car wash fast pass at Cleanfreak
  • Fast charging port adds 120 miles/hr.
Parking details
Car return procedure:
Tell us well in advance if you will be early or late.
Plug the car into the same stations and start it charging.
Share a photo showing mileage and a minimum of 20% charge and car still charging.
Return white network charging card and all accessories to the hatchback and share a photo of it.
Lock all 5 doors and test them with the contactless key away from the car.
Text us in Turo that you returned the car. The return time will be the time stamp of that text after all steps above are complete.

At this point we do not have a key lockbox, so we will plan to be on hand to retrieve the key and photograph the car.

In extreme situations, you should arrange with us a good hiding place for the key, depending upon our estimated time of arrival.

In case of lack of contact with us, you should preserve the key by asking a trusted shopkeeper (we prefer Barnes and Noble) to hold it for us. We will give them a token $1 tip as a sign of respect. You may want to tell them that and tip them as well. You should text us all contact info possible of that shopkeeper such as name, store, work hours, supervisor, location of key, direct phone number, and their statement of commitment as stated to you.
Delivery details
Airport pickups are full service.

Please be sure to text us in advance both your incoming and outgoing flight numbers.

If they change outside your Turo reservation, then change your Turo reservation and text us the new flight info.

We monitor your flight status both ways and stand by for you during the entire period 30-60 min after your landing time and the entire period 120-90 min before your departure time (180-120 min if you tell us it is an international flight).

We will drive you to a nearby public or private EV charging station, possibly in your direction of travel, for an efficient check-out with photos. Then we will remain with you to teach you important considerations in driving EVs and to answer your remaining questions about EVs.

Generally, both key handoffs are done at a private or public charging station anywhere in our delivery area, which is a huge rectangle between the NW corner at 23rd Ave & Bethany Home Rd, and the SE corner at Mesa-Gateway Airport. Or anywhere within Loop 202 and Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport. Or east of I-17 and south of Bethany Home Rd.

Pickups and drop offs at your AirBnB or hotel or at a familial host's home--anywhere within our area where you reasonably believe that you will have a parking space with access to a plug, we will be glad to drive you there or meet you there to check out/check in the car and to help you plug in the first time.

The only station that is free of a pickup service fee is TEMPE Marketplace way out in front of Barnes and Noble and Ulta. Please choose that one only if you are willing to meet us at that same station at both the official pickup and drop off reservation times. You can change these times as needed with Turo.

Well before arriving, please tell us your experience level with driving EVs. Complete beginner to expert.

Please download the free PlugShare app and become familiar with it.

Read all our FAQs in this listing.

Tell us where you will stay, whether you have parking connected to a wall, fence, or utility building that would let you search for a plug, and which way you will travel to and from the airport. The more you tell us, the better we can help you find good stations.

Please specify your choice to meet us at a nearby charging station of your choice or that you ask us to choose at the reservation time (you can change your reservation in Turo).

Or specify your choice of airport service and provide your incoming and outgoing flight numbers.

If you request airport pickup or airport drop-off, then we will choose a charging station in your direction of travel from/to your airport. Usually the drop off station should be the same as the pickup station to reduce ambiguity.

Please be aware that many AirBNB and even familial hosts are reticent to "allow" EV charging on their rented real estate even if they failed to forbid it in the written contract, or when you are a guest in their home. It largely comes from lack of familiarity with EVs and electrical terms such as "12A continuous draw".

If you have an uncertain host within 15 miles of airport, we offer and prefer to be with you to plug in the car there for the first time. We are not expert salespeople, but we can often convey a sense of ease, expertise, and confidence. We recommend a strategy of plug first and explain second, but we will defer to your wishes when we arrive with you to do the key handoff and EV tutorial at your temporary home.

Because of the special nature of EVs, we provide you some expensive accessories. We have a written contract to let you either decline or take responsibility for these accessories. The biggest ones are the opportunity charger and our charging network card. You will get a shared photo of the accessories checked out and again when they are checked in.
You must be responsible for all damage and cleaning. Insurance will cover accidents but it will not cover interior damage or loss of the 110V charging cable. Replacement by Nissan is $965. To keep it safe, you have several options:
1. Leave it with us (not recommended in case you need it unexpectedly). To get our emergency recharge service, you will need to keep it with you and attempt to use it).
2. Take it inside with you.
3. Always lock the car.
4. When charging, a switch to the left of steering wheel has OFF, AUTO, and LOCK. For the cable, LOCK is best. At public stations the other settings will allow an adjacent car to use the connector at will (OFF), or when your car is fully charged (AUTO).

Leather seats require special care. You must avoid all contact with food or liquid or animals. We have repair insurance but you must reimburse us the $50 deductible if covered and the full documented cost if they do not cover it.

If you should experience a food accident, you may be able to reduce the damage by applying water very evenly across the entire seat surface, scrubbing, and drying very thotmroughly and quickly.
Are animals allowed in the car?
Service animals and pets are allowed. For your safety, pets should be kept in a kennel while driving. All we ask is that they not contact the leather seats at any time and that you must be responsible for cleaning any mess and all hair.
What should I expect as a first-time driver of an all-electric car (EV)?
EVs are much different than gas cars in several key areas: 1. They handle better and accelerate at full torque. You should be extra careful on turns while you are getting used to the fast acceleration. 2. They do not create carbon emissions while driving. 3. They have limited range. This car gets about 50 miles when driven at 45 mph. About 40 miles at 65 mph. Only 25 if you speed on freeways over 70 (please do not speed as a regular habit). 4. To give you even more re-assurance, you can return the car early at any EV charging station. 5. You are allowed to use HOV lanes and city carpool parking spaces with no passengers at all hours. You also get preferred parking at some shopping malls while charging. 6. This car is ideal for people driving less than 50 miles from a plug at home and back home (such as a private hoodie or townhome or an AirBnB carport or garage. Cost is 10 cents per hour on the electric bill). You will also get far more total range if you are willing to wait while it recharges for free at over 200 free recharging stations using our easy-to-use account cards in metro Phoenix including popular rest areas like shopping malls and some hotels, as shown in the free PlugShare app.
How can I find nearby charging stations?
The Leaf navigation system will list and navigate you to nearby charging stations. Just presstge blue e button. It is advisable to plan routes with your available miles remaining or with multiple stations on the way in case one is unavailable. PlugShare is a free app on Android and IOS that lets users write reviews and tips for each station. It is good to use when selecting stations near your home or on your route. 3 types of stations: L3, orange in PlugShare (see photo), 440V. These are free on our account cards. Puts in 2 miles per minute. Malls that have them include Scottsdake Fashion Square, Chandler Fashion Center, AZ Mills, Biltmore, San Tan Village. Shell west of airport also has one. L2, 220V, green in PlugShare, puts in 25 miles per hour. These are abundant. Almost every one is free using our account cards. Fuel is free on our account but you arexresponsible for any extended parking fees. Stations that have them should give you prior notice. L1, 110V, blue in PlugShare. These are not listed in the car's navy system. Most are at private homes willing to share. You should be polite in making arrangements and being part of the PlugShare community. Cost on their electric bill us 10 cents/hr. For you, it is 2.5 cents/mile at that rate if you need to pay. Some sharers charge nothing, and some users pay double for the convenience. These are also called opportunity chargers. When we deliver the car to you, you should try to have a plug ready for us to test where you can park your car. Nothing else should be on the circuit. If it does not work then you are welcome to immediately return the car and pay only the delivery fee.
How much is electricity or charging?
See the station types in another FAQ. L3s are free on our account, Normally, they cost $3-$6 per hour with subscriptions. L2s are almost all (none known that are not) free on our account or free for all users. Normal fees are $0.80 to $2.40 per hour. Most are automated but some have restricted hours or other considerations such as please ask the hotel or car dealer before using. They are usually pretty hospitable. L1s cost the electric account holder 10 cents/min. That is 2.5 cents per mile. Some offer them free, others receive donations. Some users are willing to pay double to try an EV the first time. If you are guests in a house or townhome such as with atrelarias or at an AirBNB, you may be able to reserve a parking space next to a 110V outlet.
Car location
Tempe, AZ 85281
Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport
Phoenix-Mesa Gateway
Up to 15 miles
Free delivery for trips of 1 week or longer