Rent David’s 2009 MINI Cooper in Phoenix, AZ | Turo
Rent David’s 2009 MINI Cooper in Phoenix, AZ | Turo
2009 MINI Cooperwhite Mini (CDG3524)15531

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MINI Cooper2009

John Cooper Works
33 trips
32 MPG
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2 doors
4 seats

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Get $25 off your 1st rental when you sign up for Turo here: Rocking 208HP, this Convertible Mini Cooper S JCW edition is as quick as Minis get. Drop the top in this this little speed demon, put it into Sport mode, and enjoy having over 200HP at your disposal! The convertible top can also double as just a sunroof instead. Despite having plenty of power, this little guy gets excellent gas mileage, easily averaging over 30MPG in-town, and nearly 40MPG on the highway, and even with the top down, the car is enjoyably quiet, with minimal wind and road noise. This JCW Mini is the perfect convertible for a stay in-town, or a top-down trip to Sedona, Flagstaff, Tuscon, or even the Grand Canyon! So what are you waiting for? Book today! FAQ/HOW-TO: Your vehicle will come with a how-to “cheat sheet” in the glovebox explaining how to operate the various features of the car. The backside of the sheet has some general guidelines and recommended places to visit across the state. AMENITIES: All of our vehicles include bluetooth, at least one USB fast-charging port, iPhone and Android charging cables and a microfiber towel. Vehicles equipped with 3.5" aux jacks will also include an aux cable as well. Windshield or air vent phone mounts are available upon request. WASHING/CLEANING: Your vehicle will be provided to you clean, inside and out. Please return it in the same condition. You may run them through automated car washes, they’re frequently waxed and should fare just fine in them. You may also pay for the add-on for us to wash and clean the car, usually our preference, as we hand-wash them. If you do not return it cleaned and do not pay for it to be washed, you will be charged $15 through Turo’s ticket/toll system. DELIVERY/LOCATION: I do strongly prefer you to find transportation to my location, as Turo is a side-gig that takes up a lot of my time. I’m about a $15-20 Lyft to/from PHX and $25-30 to/from AZA airports, respectively. I do offer delivery for an additional fee or qualifying trip lengths, but understand that if you select "delivery", it's just me shuttling you to/from my nearby home, as the airports don't allow for Turo transactions on-site, and diligently fine if caught. 91 PREMIUM FUEL ONLY - RETURN FULL: Please keep all gas receipts to verify proper fuel was used. If your vehicle is not returned full (as it will have gone out full), $20 will be added onto your gas receipt for our time spent refilling the vehicle for the next rental. MILEAGE: Please pay attention to your trip’s mileage allowance. You’re welcome to use additional miles, but expect to pay Turo’s additional per-mile fee. NO SMOKING OR PETS: Evidence of either will result in cleaning fees. NO RACING / AUTOCROSS/ HPDE / OFFROADING: Turo prohibits taking rentals off of regular paved roads. You may not, under any circumstances, use this car for racing of any kind, including but not limited to: HPDE (high performance driver education), autocross, road racing, or other track-related forms of driving. Street use only. Spirited drives are encouraged, but please drive responsibly. OBD2 GPS: All of our vehicles are equipped with OBD2 GPS tracking devices mandated by our insurance provider. It tracks your location/mileage at all times. The device is under the dash/steering wheel, and may protrude slightly. Please exercise care to not damage the device with your feet, particularly when getting in and out of the vehicle. If it comes unplugged for any reason, plug it back in immediately. If the device is damaged, there will be a $300 replacement charge. ROADSIDE ASSISTANCE: If you experience any mechanical issues, you can contact me (contact info below) or Turo’s Roadside Assistance at: 1-866-735-2901. Get $25 off your first rental when you sign up for Turo through the link below:


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