BMW i32015
3 trips
$ 121
per day
BMW i3
3 trips
Have you ever wondered what it be like to drive a BMW i3? Well it's available when you are. This electric/gas hybrid runs on all electric until the juice runs out. Then it's gas generator kicks in(REX). This is what the BMW people call a range extender. BMW i3's comes either with or without a REX. Let's say I send you on your way with a full tank, if you will, of electricity. After about 70-100 miles it's all used up. Without you doing anything, the REX will kick in. The good news is I have a REX. This will get you about another 70-100 miles. So, you get 100 mile a day allowance. You drive the first 3/4's on electric and the last 1/4 on the gas REX. I charge it back to 100% electric for the next person. If you want it more than a day. Well, we can do that. Phoenix and the rest of the country have what's called (Fast Chargers). It will cost you about a dime an hour to charge it back up. Most FC's take about 30-45 minutes to establish a full electrical charge. Phoenix has a couple of them that are located at malls So, go shopping or the food court and return to a full charge. No problem. What's nice is the electric cars gets the parking closest to the malls entrances. You gotta love that. If you want it even easier than that. Then just text me the Chargers ID code and I'll call the charge in for you. Yes I'll have to add it to your bill. $10. will be added for that service for each charge. This fee covers are EVGO charge account fees. If you want to find your own charging stations. Just go to your phones App Store or Android phone and download the Pay-share app. You'll also find other charging location apps you can use as well. The car is easy to drive. A few simple instructions and your on your way.
  • Automatic transmission
  • Hybrid
  • GPS
  • Audio input
  • Long-term trips
Car location
Phoenix, AZ 85024
Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport
Up to 20 miles
Free delivery for trips of 1 week or longer