BMW 2 Series Rental in Phoenix, AZ | Turo
BMW 2 Series2015
M235i xDrive
39 trips
$ 69
per day
The car
BMW 2 Series
M235i xDrive
39 trips
4 seats
2 doors
Gas (Premium)
25 MPG
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The all new BMW M235i x-drive. Twin-turbo 6 cylinder,
320 Horsepower. This 2 door coupe turns heads, and is FAST! (Please don't drive too fast :)

This is a gorgeous 2 door race red "M" car, the division of BMW that specializes in race technology. It corners like it's on rails, And the full-time AWD makes the car stick to the road like super glue.

It comes with all the amenities you would ever need, 8" color screen for multi-media. Connect your phone via bluetooth or the usb port in the console and enjoy your own tunes on the incredible Harmon-Kardon surround sound system.

Stepping foot into this car is like entering the cockpit of a fighter jet. The technology BMW employs in their new M cars is out of this world. Just keep the key fob in your pocket, the door unlocks with just the touch of your hand. Simply click the start button to fire up the highly tuned, german twin turbo. +

In addition to being a rocket ship, this car is very comfortable and quiet. The A/C is ice cold, I can’t even keep it on max for more than a few minutes before it makes me too cold, even in the 110+ degree Phoenix heat.

This car is also equipped with 4 drive modes: Comfort is the default (where I normally keep it) Sport, Sport+ and Eco Pro. In Eco Pro mode, the car will make just over 30 miles/gallon on the highway. The 8 speed automatic, with optional paddle shifter control shifts seamlessly, and manual shifts are ferrari fast. Plus there’s enough room in the back for 2 life sized adults.
You will NOT be disappointed.

91 OCTANE PREMIUM GAS ONLY (keep receipts)
  • Automatic transmission
  • Audio input
  • All-wheel drive
  • Long-term car
  • Bluetooth
  • USB input
  • Heated seats
  • Sunroof
  • Fully adjustable lumbar support
  • Adjustable bucket seat width
  • Full Leather front and rear seats
Parking details
You're welcome to park your vehicle in my driveway while renting my car. My neighborhood is very quiet and safe.
Delivery details
Only pickup available at this time, 25 min drive from Sky Harbor Airport ($30 uber ride)
Free delivery and pickup to Mesa Airport
The car's location will be given at the time of reservation.
Thanks! (Also- I'm flexible, if I'm available to give you a ride back to the airport I will)
Please only use premium gasoline, as this car's engine & computer are specifically designed for 91+ octane.
No smoking, no pets allowed. The leather seats/interior of the car smells brand new, and I want every traveler to experience the same thing upon entering this work of art.

Keep your gas receipts, I know it's a little more expensive, but it can actually hurt the engine using anything less than 91 premium.

$200 fine for any of the above.
I'm a flexible guy, just please treat this car right. It's built to perform, but please don't abuse it.
The price is set extra low to make it an outstanding value. Why rent a "POS" compact from a car rental company for $10-$20/day less when you can have a car that's 10 times more fun, and 10 times more luxurious? Enjoy!
Car location
Phoenix, AZ 85034