Norwalk, CA
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About Josef

I provide fuel efficient cars that are environmentally friendly. You will love the gas savings for all your occasional long trips. My Toyota Prius are reliable and well maintained cars. See all my happy driver feedbacks.

Reviews from guests

751 trips
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4.8 stars

Josef made picking up and dropping off the car very easy. This particular car might not be non-smokers though. It had a very strong stench that took the whole trip to air out. Other than that, great experience!

Sofia M.-June 4, 2019

I communicated to Josef I would be using his Prius to travel to Death Valley with my friends from Los Angeles. The car was at 280,000 miles and this was not communicated to us upon my booking for the car. In the middle of the desert, under 110 degree weather the Prius’ battery died and we were stranded for 5 hours under the sun. Josef failed to answer our numerous phone calls. Turo’s first 24/7 roadside assistance responders failed to accurately assist us. The first call communicated we should get the car towed to Nevada, instead of communicating a dispatch car could come and jump our battery. The second call did the same thing. The third call, we communicated we had the Park Rangers pick us up to remove us from the heat. The person on this call was frustrated we left the vehicle when we were dehydrated and without food. We had strangers drive us to our campground, Turo put us on hold for 30 minutes. We had several people try to jump the car but the Prius Hybrid battery is not jumped like a regular car. At 7pm, the fourth call communicated they would send a car to jump the battery. By 9pm, no communication. We called again, with my phone dead and my friends phones at 10%- in the dark and without resources. They had us on hold for 30 minutes. Thankful, Karidja sent a car & Robert from Aquarius Towing had an ETA of 2 hours. At midnight, Robert picked us up from our campsite and drove us to the car. He towed it and dropped us off. We were stranded, without a car, all had class and work on Monday and we had to miss all our commitments because the battery of this car was not serviced the way it should have. We had to have a loved one, who was on 0 hours of sleep after a 10 hour work day to drive from Long Beach and pick us up. If we had no option, we would have been stuck in the desert and forced to hitchhike for a ride back to Los Angeles. Our lives were in complete danger. We are emotionally and physically traumatized, grieving and releasing the fear & devastation we felt. We would like Turo and Josef to compensate us for this crisis.

Pamela G.-June 3, 2019

Solid deal, helps to know how to drive this type of car. First time driving hybrid. Has smart key. Must make sure all doors are closed and if break is on when you start you must press down break and power button

Calvin M.-June 3, 2019