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Sarah P.

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Redwood City, CA
Pacifica, CA

Since my husband William & I work together at delivering & picking up our vehicles we really do need to make this a bio for two.

As for myself, I love singing along to pop music or listening to talk radio when I'm driving. I even do a little car dance on occasion. Prior to having children I loved to see improv theatre & have a nice cup of tea & conversation before playing some improv games myself. Now I get to hear my sons making up their own jokes:) My working background has been in theatre, nonprofits, book keeping, counseling and real estate investment.

William? I'll ask him to fill this in for himself. The basics: He dreams of sailing the world. He loves hiking & skiing . His dream location (which I don't agree with) is in Montana. (Yes, he likes the cold). He works in tech.

Shortly after moving to the Bay Area in 2013, we began renting out our van. "Why not?" we thought. We've lived a number of years in various places with only one vehicle and we like the motivation to bike, walk & use public transit. Since then we've moved to Pacifica and replaced that first minivan. Now we rent out 4 vehicles (a minivan, convertible, SUV and a car). And, I'll admit it, I like receiving the kudos through the Turo reviews. I like personally delivering vehicles & hearing about peoples trips. I like seeing the smiles on peoples faces when they receive their car curbside at the airport or delivered to their hotel or home.

My favorite vehicles? While each has its perks and all have been purchased with tall parents & safety for our boys in mind - the minivan and the convertible are my favorites 😀 My sons favorite is the convertible with the top down. With the top up their favorite is the minivan. I'll admit the minivan is my favorite with them in the back. Maybe once their legs are long enough to bend over the seat it will be a different story! For now though the convertible is only my favorite when it's just my husband & I. The heated leather seats & SiriusXM radio in the Odyssey & Volvo just add a layer of luxury to the trip that I really enjoy. The CR-V is the favorite for a trip to the mountains due to the AWD. While we would have loved to have the sunroof & leather seats in the CR-V, the sunroof drops the interior headroom too much for my 6'4" husband. And, my husband prefers manual seat adjustments. The Civic is the favorite for great mileage and still has plenty of space for long legs in the front seat & kids in the back. And, magically, the Civic seems to be wearing the years very well! The light tan fabric interior still looks great!

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