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Emil N.

Joined May 2015
Approved to drive • 520 trips
Los Angeles County, CA
Los Angeles County, CA
Cal State Fullerton Business Grad

I really want to thank all of our clients for a fantastic year 2 as a Turo Owner/Host. Its been really great meeting so many people (400+ rentals!!) and I am glad my little fleet of cars has been making great memories with everyone (WE ARE NOW AT 14 Cars!). Whether it's a rental for a great So Cal Vacation or just a short rental while your car is in the shop, my cars are ready to go for a great Turo experience. I have a range of cars that fit various needs and do a great job for every individual or family need. We currently have the only Chevy HHRs on Turo and they all have DVD players in there for the kids!

As a Dedicated Turo Host, my cars will be fully checked for you and cleaned inside out. My cars are dedicated to Turo rentals so you wont find my kids missing toys and french fries between the seats. I find the best wheels out there for the best deals and pass that savings to you for a nicely low rental term. When you pick a Turo host like me, your money goes to a person dedicated to provide you an excellent experience all around, and those funds goes directly for their families, not some giant corporation just looking for a better share price on the stock market.

I hope to meet even more great Turo members both New and Experienced as we speed to the 500 rental milestone.
Let me know how I can help you have a great trip in So Cal and I and my cars will do our very best for you to make that happen!


*** YEAR 1 ***

Its been a great first year renting cars on Turo (back in the day Relayrides). It started with a way to rent out my personal car that I wasn't driving anymore, to slowly grow to now 10 in my fleet! The growth has been to keep all my clients happy and meet the growing demand.

Since I am an "expert" car guy, I picked the best cars on the market at the best deals allowing me to pass it on with nicely low rental terms (almost all with UNLIMITED MILES!). I know how to care for all of my rides so that everyone has a great experience. Everything on my cars gets scrubbed and checked so that you can be on your way to have fun without any concern to check under the hood, or worse touch some gross sticky stuff.

Its been a pleasure to meet such great people this past year, many that are now friends and repeat clients, and I hope to meet more as we continue. THANKS EVERYONE FOR A GREAT YEAR!

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