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About Joseph

Hi, Marine veteran 8 years I have honor and integrity and I don't lie and pretty much say things exactly how it is and most people don't accept that and dont like it, which is not going to change, as long as you take care of my vehicle and bring it back you're not going to have any problems with me I'm pretty nice, I just needed to update this I've been recently having customers going along with it this scamming bull, Ive got 260 or more positive rentals I even have rentals that end up perfect, then randonly I'll get a negative review on something completely made up last minute not to mention on guest that DONT EVEN have prior experience on here TAKE NOTE all the previous guest THAT GAVE great scores these guest have many rentals under their belt, which actually counteracts any negative reviews I have from non-experienced renters with no recent trips. it's pretty sad the Integrity people have. My last 2 recent trips of my guest pretty much damaged my vehicle and back to back, have the evidence and everything to prove it and TURO ONLY APPROVES when you have evidence to back it up, so I don't understand how people are claiming I'm scamming after damaging a vehicle and not having evidence. Also had this other guest Britney who was actually caught peeling out and speeding. Coincidentally I was on the train next to the vehicle and was actually pushing 101 miles per hour I even uploaded my train ticket on here, I kept my cool decided to send her a friendly text and stated are you okay are you headed to the hospital? Pretty much after that they stated I was harassing because they were caught speeding not to mention I have devices on that vehicle which tell me anything and everything that happens on the vehicle, and data from the vehicle itself, you cannot deny speeds, you have pretty much a few devices stating otherwise, it's just not going to happen. Another guest Mike right after his trip he literally brought the vehicle back soaking wet inside, there's even photos of him completely douched in water, I don't understand how you can sit in a car seat and not expect the floor and seat to be dry, and I'm not talking about just the floor and seat I'm talkin about cup holders full of water? I have proof Turo approved and actually made the cost of this approval, this is all Turo's approval??. completely unbelievable, I have Over 230 plus rides gave 5 stars, every negative trip is from people with No experiance usuallly 2 or less trips who never followed rules caught smoking or brought back a damaged vehicle or pretty much had something against me for God knows what also I even have a few guest accounts that were deleted please check that recent one Gerald G, his account cannot be found because I believe he was trying to do something fraudulent on turo, he was also another guest that trashed my vehicle I believe he got removed because he was trying to falsify something, again another profile with no trips under their belt, also did not cover himself I believe he was trying to cover himself falsefully and got caught that's my opinion that's what I believed happened.,. Please read the guidelines of my vehicle that you're renting, I have devices which notifies me of speeding erratic driving and dangerous driving and I already caught a few guests. Also want to add Turo doesn't approve any claims unless there's proof, every guest I've had some kind of issue with never covered themselves by taking photos before and after the trip, I know this is a about me profile, but now I have to use this to pretty much cover myself because people aren't taken care of vehicles, they use Reviews from other people claiming things when they're supposed to be proof to back it up, when you use a vehicle from me all I expect is the vehicle to be returned the same condition, I mean that's just expected, Anyways thanks for viewing my vehicles.


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Everything was ok. Very good car.!

Jorge L.-May 22, 2019

The host was constantly texting me with accusations saying I better be taking care of his vehicle which I already was. As he has a device in the car to know the cars every movement and speed he should have known this. I was emailed and told I was speeding at 100mph which was untrue even after he “uploaded “ photos that also say otherwise. When I dropped the car off the host only said he would be filling the tank back up and attempting to charge me for the difference. I was then emailed saying a charge of $150 was attempted for a “distant smell of smoke”. Which is untrue because I do not smoke especially not in a car that my asthmatic child was in. In addition to that when the host received The car at the airport he sent me two messages one regarding gas and the second regarding washing the car which I have proof of. Not once was I told that he thought there was a smoke smell. I also don’t appreciate being charged for a smoke smell that did not exist without my permission. In regards to the car it was fine but the host is terrible and based on other reviews it doesn’t seem like this is his first time. I would never rent from him again. I was not even given the chance to discuss this matter.

D’Zanae F.-May 19, 2019

Thanks again!!! He will work w you if you are just honest with him, but 5 stars! Reliable car!! And punctual! Definitely recommend

Brittany H.-May 15, 2019