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Mo is super friendly. But the negative reviews about his car vibrating as it goes fast are true. There also was a maintenance required light came on when I first started the car. Overall the car drove just fine. I was able to get around town without any issues. But I guess you get what you pay for with this car. It definitely isn’t the prettiest or the most well-maintained car on the app

Robert J.-November 21, 2018

Very easy to work with and understanding

Derick P.-October 26, 2018

When the car gets started it wakes the whole neighborhood up including the roosters on the other aide of the world.While driving, the car shakes like a thousand Alzheimer patients with seizures who are shivering without a coat on a snowy February day in New York City, waist deep in Alaskan ice. At least the car drives is all i can say.

Martin M.-October 15, 2018