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An Italian girl from New York via Italy who now lives in Houston Texas. I own a local pet business and have a super cute cream colored, two door Fiat 500. Her name is, Frenchy. Why is her name Frenchy you may be wondering? No idea. She's cute though and is fun to drive. Let's chat and see where it goes! Cheers!!

Reviews from guests

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5 stars

Gulia was a perfect host! She replied to all my messages right away and her car was in great condition.

Kyli G.-September 16, 2018

This was a great Turo experience. Gulia was awesome. Super friendly and punctual. She made sure I had everything I needed. The car is also fun to drive and great on gas. 20$ to fill up. When in Houston I will rent again from Gulia.

ALANYS G.-August 25, 2018

Very nice well maintained and cute car. Service was great!

Jennifer B.-August 20, 2018

Reviews from hosts

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4 stars

This is a response clarifying my side of facts as I got a bad review from Gulia. The car was given to Gulia clean. The pre-trip pictures states that. If she had complaints about the cleanliness of the car, why at first place she didn’t took any pictures of those and posted onto trip pictures or complained to Turo. I gave the spare key to her when she picked up the car. The original key was replaced recently from Toyota dealership from a prior incident, where the guest broke the key. Since then I'm not comfortable giving the original key. One day she texted me and said that key broke. I offered to bring her the original key, she texted me no worries as she glued it together and was okay to use the key at the time. She rented for 10 days was able to drive 1150 miles. 2 days before the end of rental, the maintenance light came on for tire rotation, this was after she drove 750 miles. Why should I need to do a tire rotation about 1000 miles earlier, before giving to her, doesn’t make sense. 1.5 days before the end of rental, I got a text saying they had a blowout back right (rear right) tire on the highway. I asked them if they were okay and to call Turo towing service as this was really unexpected. She stated her husband is with her, so he will put on spare and they are taking the car home. She did stated she didn’t feel comfortable driving that car with spare tire. Since it was late at night, I offered her two options. Either I can give her my personal truck right away or in the morning we can take it to Discount Tire for new tires. She opted with the second option. I was working both days and asked my brother to do the needful things. He took the car to Discount Tire next day morning and had new tires installed and took the car back to her, as well as gave her the original key to use and took back the broken key. The trip was supposed to end 5pm Saturday, but she stated they wanted to extend the trip till Sunday 5pm. Since there was already a trip booked for my car for Sunday morning 10.30am, they extended the trip till 9.30am. Also on a side note she didn't extended the trip in a timely manner. I reminded her that the trip ended at 5pm by texting her and no information from her of returning the car back. Then I called her and she said she was calling Turo because it was past 5pm so she couldn’t extend any longer thru the app. Thankfully Turo extended the trip and bridged the gap. As soon as she got off from Turo call, she send me a long message stating she is not comfortable driving the car and I need to pick up the car next day morning. Couple of things to point out. 1. If she was not comfortable driving the car, then why she extended the trip day by day? 2. Discount Tire rated the tires when we took it. It clearly says rear right tire 6/32 thread level which is on the good level of tread level. At first I took Gulia's word at face value that it was a blowout. Now I don't believe that at all. I have the original Discount Tire safety level and where the tires tread level that I had on them. On the night of this incident, she told me she pulled over to the shoulder of the highway to change the tire, but the picture shows that it's been changed at a parking lot. 3. After the tire issue, she said she was not comfortable driving the car at all and won’t be driving. After replacing the tire, she drove 120 miles from the time my brother returned the car to her. If she was not comfortable driving the car, I don’t understand why she extended the trip and drove another 120 miles. 4. She stated she was okay with spare key that’s why the original key was not taken to her right away, even though I offered to bring the original key. 5. She stated that the TRAC light came on and went away. The TRAC switch is located right in front of the cup holders on 2016 Corolla. When my brother went to get the tires replaced he noticed coffee spilled on the TRAC switch, which made it sticky. Also if you leave anything on top of the TRAC switch, the light may come on too. Nobody ever complained before or after her trip about this. 6. Even though she was supposed to return the car to my house, I offered to pick up the car from her place. 7. I do have all the pictures of new key given to her, initial discount tire tread level of the tire, tires replacement receipt, all communications between me and her. 8. I was very down to earth and what I got back was a bad review. Please check all my other reviews, as I always do my best to make my customers to have a happy trip with my car and always thrive for 5 stars. 9. She was the one who initiated the claim, not me and now blaming me for starting the claim. Sorry to say that the stories from her side doesn't matchup at all and I firmly believe this whole drama was for her not to return the car to my place and take Uber back. My car was unlisted due to her false stories to Turo, but was relisted as soon as I send them all the evidences. Please take a lot of pictures before renting to Gulia and be careful.

Naveen T.-January 30, 2019

Giulia is A++ renter. I'd definitely rent my cars back to her, anytime.

Elyssa L.-January 1, 2019

Great fellow TURO host and driver!

Daniel S.-December 17, 2018