Brent W.

Joined Oct 2013
Manage a personal-transportation firm based in Belmont. Teach at trade-school sites located near San Francisco (Daly City) and in San Jose.
Belmont, California
UC Berkeley, SDSU, Columbia College, Humphreys College School of Law

"Semi-retired", but busier than ever! Enjoyed a challenging 30-year career as a process-equipment supplier, construction inspector and construction manager on a wide variety of public works construction projects: everything from City Hall renovations to wastewater treatment plants... Helped finish-up the beautiful "new" International Terminal Building at SFO! Now teach basics of business management and contract law to construction tradespersons seeking their state contractors license, at a statewide trade-school with nearby sites in San Francisco, San Jose and Oakland ( Between teaching-gigs, I squeeze in some similarly-fun, people&business-oriented driving-work, moving visiting business-software sales-execs, programmer-dudes, game-designer-dames and bio-tech scientists to their chosen square on the local chessboard of commerce.