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About Steven

Hello all. I am Steve, your Atlanta native. Have lived here all my life and been a business owner almost as long. I found TURO by chance. I was searching the internet about renting cars to UBER/Lyft drivers and found TURO. Listed my first car and it booked in 30 mins. From that moment I knew I was on to something. To date I have added 3 more vehicles to my fleet, for a total of 4. 3 being everyday gas savers and one premium car, the 2016 Corvette Stingray. I love to travel. I own a security company, along with this TURO business. Would love to see Thailand in my very near future. Thanks for visiting.


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134 trips
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4.9 stars

Wish there was just a little more communication but that did effect my trip Steve car was excellent and I will be working with him again

Hodges C.-April 15, 2019

The owner cancelled this trip 21 hours before it started. This message was automatically posted by Turo.

Turo-April 11, 2019

I shall begin with a brief mention of the bubble gum "air freshener" so strong you can see it wafting out of the car in waves when you open the windows. But in all seriousness it was strong enough that i got a headache at one point, but that may also have been caused by the Chipotle napkins that had somehow crept out of the center console, formed a noose around my neck and attached themselves to the overhead grab handle. And speaking of strangling feelings the number of rules this car comes with will leave you wondering wether you rented a car or checked into a correctional facility. So I have created a 31 point "Bubblegum Durango Survival Guide" available as a free download in WTF format. I will begin with a few of the items on the pre-post trip checklist. 1. make sure you have left time to stop at the courtesy "free" carwash not doing so will cause the noose around your neck to tighten ever so slightly while your credit card is swiped. ( To qualify for a free wash you must have a current University of Nome Alaska Student ID or be in the witness protection program.) Otherwise it will be $19.99 ( also carwash closes early on Sunday afternoons ) 2. Make sure the gas tank is topped off to within 3teaspoons of the level in which you received it, or be prepared to pay a substantial premium. ( there seems to be a bright new future for highway robbers to stand at the airport terminal parking and sell gas by the shotglass) ( some of the more entrepreneural ones will probably substitute some other clear liquid to keep costs low and maximize profits.) 3. Pre-pay parking and a leave a bottle of Anti-depressants on the center console as it is tremendously demoralizing for a host to arrive 3hrs after you told him you would drop off the car only to find that the free 1hr parking has run out and he now has to pay for parking. 4. Clean out the cooler you rented with baby wipes and large amount of germ-x. ( Failure to clean cooler will incure a charge of $2 per baby wipe plus $51per man hr.) Also the water bottle you left in it is not appreciated and will be charged a disposal fee equal to the original cost of the drink. 5. Top off the germ-x bottle located in the driver door pocket not more than 5min before returning car. To download the rest of your free list along with the post post-trip inspection checklist click the link below on Tuesday's between 2:30pm and 4pm ( all other times will be charged $9.99 for interrupting my bubblegum induced hangover.) All in all the car was nice but.....

Kyle L.-April 8, 2019