Hyundai Accent2012
$ 40
per day
Hyundai Accent
I got my car after Hyundai completely redesigned the Accent, and it's a great urban/freeway runabout with the ability to take longer trips. 38+ MPG highway, 28 MPG city, 33 overall MPG, automatic transmission with tiptronic manual shift option, A/C, cruise control, back seats fold down for a lot of cargo space, iPod/3mm jack hookup, parallel parks on a dime, and more. If you plan to take any of the ferries, this car qualifies for the subcompact toll rate (w/o bike rack). I also have a Good 2 Go pass and a Zone 4 (Capitol Hill) parking permit that is good until April 2015. My townhouse is about 2 blocks west of Aurora Ave and 145th Street, right off the Interurban Trail. I work near CenturyLink Field and can arrange hand off or pick up either the keys or the car there during most weekdays (you will be responsible for any parking costs with this option). There are plenty of non-auto options to get to either location. I only provide pick-up and drop-off service to my house or work.

My car currently has noticeable fender abrasions from debris hitting the car while on the freeway one night, a crack in the windshield, and a few scuffs on the back from the bike rack, but otherwise in great shape inside and out. You will not be held responsible for any of the damage noted above.

Optional equipment available upon request at no extra charge:

-Trunk mounted bike rack that holds 3.
- Snow chains.
- Ski Rack that fits up to 6 skis/4 snowboards.
- All season floor mats (automatically provided from October through April).

My house rules:

- Return the car clean, vacuum out excessive dirt and dust, and dispose of all trash. If you are going to be traveling to an area you know will be dirty, muddy, etc. during warmer weather, please let me know so I can provide my all season rubber floor mats.
- Pets are ok, but you must provide a seat cover and ensure the car is clean from typical pet dirt and hair.
- No refueling with Arco or similar 'cheap fuel' places. Costco and reputable grocery store stations are ok.
- I will also be happy to refuel the car for you provided that you let me know in advance. The cost for this is $12 per quarter tank used from the time picked up, with a minimum $5 charge.
- For all refueling requests and Good 2 Go usage, please either leave exact change in the glove box or make a PayPal payment to me within 24 hours of drop off.
- I'll consider case by case exceptions to the mileage limits with advanced notice and a written agreement prior to the start of the rental.
- You MUST be proficient at parallel parking if you intend to drive and park anywhere in the Central Seattle area.
  • Automatic transmission
  • Audio input
  • Bike rack
  • Ski rack
Car location
Shoreline, WA 98133