FIAT 5002012
$ 38
per day
FIAT 500
Have you been wanting to try out a Fiat? Try mine!

Able to park in tight Seattle spots, fun, with more headroom than a mini - and it sips regular!

This car is kept very clean, the back seats fold down to accommodate luggage, and it is just a blast to ride :-)

Awesome things to know:

Q: What is that box in the back?
A: That is my emergency kit :-) I generally leave it in the car but, by request, it can be removed. It has a first aid kit, spare collapsible gas can, rope, flat tire kit, snacks, rags, fire starter, cleaning supplies, a frisbee, and a few other odds and ends that you never know if you may need. If you use anything from the kit please just let me know so I can refill it as needed.

Q: Where do I get your car?
A: I will give you the exact location of the car when you make your confirmed reservation. I park on the street so the location of the car changes frequently - therefore I will give you a confirmed location the day or night before you pick it up. Please leave the car in the same area when you are done and send me a message of where you left it. If I am home on that day, you can just let me know when you drop off the key.

Q: How do I get keys?
A: Keys will be with the car, detailed instructions will be given when the reservation is booked.

Q: Can you drop the car off at the airport?
A: I am happy to have a discussion about picking you up at the airport. The airport is a good distance away from where I live and on Friday nights or on weekends the traffic can take me over an hour to get there. So, we would just need to discuss possible pick-up options.
This is a small car but the back seats fold down and it can hold a reasonable amount of luggage.

Q: Any other responsibilities I should know about?
A: The car should be returned with as much fuel as it had when you picked it up, and it runs on regular. It should also be clean enough for the next renter to pick up. Please let me know in advanced of any damage or suspected damage so I can arrange to check it out, or let the next renter know what to expect. There is a small dent on the passenger side door from a shopping cart and a tiny ding on the front fender from a rock.

Q: I have more questions that you didn't answer!
A: Send me a message and I'll be happy to get back to you as soon as possible :-)
  • Automatic transmission
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Car location
Seattle, WA 98119