Infiniti G352007
$ 39
per day
Infiniti G35
I offer you my 2007 G35 Sedan with the premium package and sport rims. Barrels of fun to drive! Just a fantastic car. Great handling. Fantastic sound system! Brand new Motivo tires installed on 4/1/16.

Safety Features Include:

- ABS Xenon headlights
- Traction control
- Curtain airbags
- Passenger Airbag
- Front fog/driving lights
- Dusk sensing headlights
- Stability control.

Other features:

- Journey package - 3.5 L V6, 306 hp
- 18" sports wheel package
- Heated seats
- Hands free Bluetooth


My cars are located in Point Loma, 1 mile down the street (5 min ride) from the San Diego International Airport.

I offer FREE delivery for destinations up to 10 miles from the San Diego International Airport. If you have opted for the car delivery option, I will personally deliver it to your desired location. I will need to be dropped back in Point Loma after delivery.

I have a flexible schedule and am available to deliver during most times but I most likely will not be delivering during rush hours and very early morning hours. In these cases, you will need to pick up the car from it's location.

If you are flying in at the San Diego International Airport and want the car delivered to you, include a message with your request with the arrival time. Meeting location will be curb side outside your terminal. Upon your arrival and landing at the airport, you will simply need to message me through Turo and I will start heading your way. Once you are outside with your luggage, message me again with the terminal and zone # of your location. If your plane is running late, make sure to notify me. If I am unable to still deliver, you will need to pick up the car from it's location.

If you want to pick up the car from its location, instructions will be provided after booking. If you need transportation to the car's location, Lyft and Uber X (cheap alternative transportation services) are available throughout San Diego including at the airport. If you have never taken a Lyft ride, you can get $50 ride credit by signing up using the following link: https://www.lyft.com/invited/TUROEXCLUSIVE


If you opted for the FREE delivery, it comes with the FREE drop off. I will drop you off at the airport or wherever the car was delivered to . Same as delivery, I will not be available to drop you off during rush hours and very early morning hours. In this case, you will need to drop off the car in Point Loma and find your own transportation to your destination.

If you came to pick up the car from its location, you will return it to the same location.

I expect the car to be returned on time. If you want to return it early, great! If you want to return it a little bit late, I am flexible and work with renters as long as I don't have another rental right afterwards.


I keep my cars well maintained. And I intend to keep them for a long time. You must be a responsible, considerate renter. If you have habit of abusing rental cars, do not bother requesting from me.

Interior of car is clean and smell free. Absolutely NO SMOKING or PETS in the car. Violators will be charged a $250 fee and risk deactivation from this platform.

Car will be handed off to you in a clean to very clean condition. Try to keep the car clean. San Diego has beautiful beaches, I am sure you want to visit them if you are from out of town. Be mindful of the sand. Sand off good before getting in the car. Those little rascals are hard to vacuum out.

Car will most likely be given to you with a full tank. Make sure to return with a full tank. If you have driven only for a few miles and the gauge didn't indicate a usage, make sure to still top it off and return with a full tank.

If you happen to use the toll roads in southern California without paying, please notify me right away as payment must be made in 4 business days to avoid a hefty late fee. You will be responsible for the late fee if I was not notified.

This car has a soft interior dash. If you have long finger nails, be mindful of them.


My cars are in a good to very good condition. Body and paint have some blemishes. When picking up the car, I will point them out to you and take pre trip pictures. They will be uploaded to Turo so we both have access to them.

Most dings and scratches to my cars happen when parallel parked. Most parking available in San Diego are street parking. Please make sure there is enough space for the other cars to maneuver when parallel parked. I understand dings and scratches happen. Please take steps to prevent them and be responsible. Treat the car as your own!

When booking the car Turo will provide you with options for selecting insurance for your rental. Select one appropriate for you.


• A fast charging USB car charger with at least two ports
• 4-IN-1 Premium Quality USB Adapter Charging Cable for Iphone 6 Plus, 6, 5s 4 4s, Android Smart Phones


My name is Tibebe. Pronounced TI-be-buh. Call me "T" for short. I started hosting on Turo almost three years ago, started out with one car and now have three cars. I have a 5 star stellar feedback from past renters. I respond to requests and messages quickly. I am dependable and reliable. So feel relaxed and rent with confidence!

If this car isn't available for your dates, make sure to check out my other cars.


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Thank you for checking out my car and don't hesitate to ask questions if you have any. Or if you have any special requests, make sure to include a message when requesting the car. Upon completion of your rental, please leave feedback. I will make sure I do the same for you.

I look forward to hearing from you!
  • Automatic transmission
  • Audio input
  • Long-term trips
Car location
San Diego, CA 92106
San Diego International Airport
McClellan-Palomar Airport
Up to 10 miles