Ford Crown Victoria2009
$ 25
per day
Ford Crown Victoria

Estimated MPG (Cars.com)
17 city / 25 hwy
Name: Victoria

No other car commands more respect on the road!
You have the right to remain EXCITED!
Absolute custom high performance vehicle.
-Back up cameras: When viewing rear cam, screen will
My friends have used this car this for their weddings, bachelor/bachelorette parties, anniversaries, first dates, photo-shoots, birthdays, out of town visitors etc.

Seats 5 passengers/prisoners comfortably. Large spacious safe trunk. Spotlight shines bright. Bluetooth calling and music streaming, MP3 Aux jack, smartphone mount.

If you watch cop chasing on TV, here is your chance to feel the power behind the wheel. Almost instant torque (that is why cop often win the chase). Of course, if you need to pass cars. No problem. We drove this car to Las Vegas many times and have lots of fun. One tank of gas will get you to Las Vegas. It is very comfortable for long drive. It is just like seating on the sofa. And the best part is driving an ex-cop car! People tend to get out of your lane and let you pass on the freeway. No one honks at you even you didn't move your car for 3 seconds at green light! And watch people drive how nicely behind you when they realize this could be an unmarked cop car! FUN!

I promise to provide you unique driving experience. Here is "Crown Vic" sedan is both roomy and comfortable. Very quiet and fuel efficient. Trusted by law enforcement agencies, it is one of the safest vehicles out there. Taxi companies trust this car because of its comfort rides and decent MPG.

The Crown Vic model represents sixty years in the line of duty. It has the best performance and safety features. Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor was the most widely used automobile in law enforcement operations in the United States and Canada.
Yet no other American car has ever proven as durable, which is why Ford built 9.6 million of them. Taxi and police fleets routinely put 200,000 miles on Crown Vics and Town Cars. Having its body built separate from its frame meant Crown Vics could survive collisions that would total lesser unit-body vehicles. And police departments grew to rely on them not just for their roominess and durability; hitting a curb at high speed in a Crown Vic wouldn't end a pursuit by bending a drive shaft the way it could in a front-wheel-drive car.

Here is your chance to drive a piece of history
We have mileage on this car.
NEVER being tailgated again.....Priceless!

Structural Integrity
In the event of a crash, the safety cell helps direct the force of the collision around the occupant compartment, reducing the impact forces on the occupants.


Separate GPS is available upon request for $5 per trip (not day)
Bike rack is also available upon request for $10 per trip (not day)
Duracell 2,000 Watt 4-HP 135cc Gas Powered Inverter Generator (for camping ask us)

?Not your flavor? No worries! We have quite the selection!
Or Click on our name “MINA P.”
Conventional wisdom, for top-notch driving dynamics, pick German brands. If safety is your priority, head for Swedish-made cars. For plenty of straight-line muscle, choose American. If you want reliability & style choose Japanese brands. Budget-conscious buyers should check out the latest cars from Korea. We have them all.

?FREE GIFTS: WHILE SUPPLIES LAST. We have some free gifts for all bookings. After you book the car you must let us know you that would like to receive the complimentary gift. We will put it in the car for you. See more details on gifts on our Facebook page. https://www.fb.com/socalsweetrides
Free with every booking: (Pack of 3) Smooth Trip Luggage Tags. Luggage tags help you identify your luggage faster. They also have funny cartoons. Makes a good gift for a vacationer.

We have extensive experience with international driver’s licenses as well as long term rentals (one month or longer) requirements and add-on insurance policies. If you have questions before booking, you can contact us. You can like and can interact with us on our Facebook page. We embrace the sharing community. We also have many suggested AirBnB listings if you need a place to stay. You can check out on our FB page
Or email us: socalsweetrides@gmail.com

We will answer fast. I am committed to this venture, so if you send me a request, you will get a fast response (from 7am-10pm). Any requests sent after 10 pm, I will respond the next morning. Also, I have many cars available so there will not be any last minute emergency that will affect your reservations. . All cars no matter how new or how well maintained might break down. When problems arise, I can resolve faster and will try my best to accommodate you and make this a good experience for you. We have driven all of our cars, so if you need recommendations or have any other questions before booking we can help you.

We are car enthusiasts. We take good care of our cars. Please only rent from us if you will treat it like your own vehicle. Remember it is a community car sharing. Please return the car in the same clean condition as you received it for the next member of the community to use.

When I preapprove the trip, you must book it to get the car. There are many outstanding preapproved orders for each car. Whoever books first will get the car. I might be helping with booking the car. During that process, if my prior preapproved order books the car, the car will no longer be available for you. Please don’t feel disappointed at me or upset. There is nothing I can do at that point. I have many cars so we can book another car for you.

? 24/7 ACCESS
My cars are dedicated to serving the Turo community, unless rented by another member as indicated in the availability calendar, it’s available 24/7. We have a lock box for after-hours pick up and returns.


Because we have many locations where the cars are located, for the convenience of the renter, the address for each car may change, and we it’s difficult to update the address for each car’s location on the Relay Ride listing. If the location of the car is different than what is listed on Relay Ride, we will let you know ahead of time and get a confirmation from you before we accept the reservation. There will also be an automated message from Relay Ride as to where to pick up the car, but if we have already arranged a different address, you can disregard the message from Relay Ride. We will do our best to make the pick up as seamless as possible.
Our cars are conveniently located in Mira Mesa or in City Heights. There are many public parking places available if you want to park your car when you pick up one of our vehicles.
2 / Location 2: 9225 Mira Mesa Blvd, San Diego, CA 92126 There is a Shell Gas and Car Wash across the street. This location is about ¼ mile to Miramar College Transit Station. http://www.sdmts.com/

3/ San Diego Airport: short walk to our cars from Terminal 2. The benefits and advantage is that everything will be prearranged for you. You don’t have to wait for a rental shuttle to take you to a car rental hub, and then wait in line. Also, you won’t need to load and unload many times. Instructions will be sent to you after you reserve the vehicle. Uber and Lyft are not allowed at curbside pickup. If you are flying, you should select SAN pick up when you book so we can move the car to the airport location for you. Otherwise, the car could be at a location far from the airport. No Lyft or Uber available for curbside pickup at airport.

No smoking or pets allowed in the vehicles. (Other renters might be allergic).
Mileage allowance is listed. Make sure you book enough miles to cover your trip. You can return the car early if your trip ends early. Allowed travel areas are listed for each car. Make sure you book the appropriate car for your trip. We want to make sure you do not have ANY problems, as your safety is our TOP priority.

Our cars are non-smoking, pet free vehicles that are cleaned on a weekly basis. They are in excellent condition and are professionally maintained in accordance with Turo safety and maintenance requirements. We are car enthusiasts. We take good care of our cars. Please only rent from us if you will treat it like your own vehicle. Remember it is a community car sharing. Please return the car in the same clean condition as you received it for the next member of the community to use.

PLEASE NOTE: We adhere to all Turo policies and terms, likewise, renters of this vehicle must also adhere to all Turo policies and terms including the Cancellation Policy and Prohibited Use of Vehicles. RELAY PROHIBITS TRAVEL TO MEXICO. IF YOUR LICENSE PLATE IS SHOW UP ON THE LIST OF CAR CROSS THE BORDER, YOU WILL GET FINE FROM RELAY.

Our monthly price will be less than a monthly car payment and insurance, and you don't have the hassle of selling it months down the road. Plus, you get to drive many different types of cars. You don’t have to be stuck with a car that you dislike. You don’t have to worry about unexpected car repairs, so it is easie
  • Automatic transmission
  • GPS
  • Audio input
  • Long-term trips
Car location
San Diego, CA 92126
San Diego International Airport
Up to 15 miles