Kia Soul2010
$ 32
per day
Kia Soul
So you have two options when you arrive to the airport and need a car. Option 1, you can schlep your bags over to the red "Hotel Shuttle Courtesy Pick-Up" sign and wait up to 60 minutes with a bunch of other people for some company shuttle to come pick you up. Schlep your bags on and off the shuttle and then schlep your bags up the stairs at the rental place and then wait in line for your car. After 1-2 hours you are on your way. That's a lot of time and schlepping!! :)

Or option 2, you can rent from me and I will pick you up right at your terminal with the car in less than five minutes after you are ready to go. Also, get the exact car in the picture, not that car "or a similar car". When you return the car just come to my office close by to the airport and I will drop you directly to your terminal in a matter of minutes. In both cases you will be on your way in about 10 minutes.

Anyway this is a Kia Soul, fun little crossover SUV, easy to park but roomy inside. Seats five or put the rear seats down if you need the room for luggage. Very comfortable seating - no bending over to get in/out. USB port for your music, upgraded stereo, mount for your phone, sunroof and tinted windows. Non smoking.

Regarding the $10 pickup fee, here are what folks are charging for cars in the $35 and under category:

Jonathan's 2013 Chevy Impala free (but it's an Impala, lol)
Scott's 2010 & 2014 Kia Soul $10
Michael's 2007 Toyota Prius $20
Jeron's 2016 Hyundai Elantra $20
Romel's 2016 Toyota Corolla $30
Tanya's 2014 Toyota Prius $40
Amber's 2013 Honda Civic $40
Teresita's 2014 Chevy Sonic $40
13 others $50-$120
Turo LAX lot 10% plus up to 1 hour wait for shuttle

So don't just rent some generic "car". Save money, save time, get some Soul and stand out from the crowd!

Check my reviews and hope to see you soon. Also you can click on my name to the right for more "Soul". :)
  • Automatic transmission
  • Long-term trips
Car location
El Segundo, CA 90245
Los Angeles International Airport