Toyota Prius2007
$ 31
per day
Toyota Prius
This address (Desplaines north of Lake) is where I work M-F. If you would like to rent my car, just give me a day's notice so I can drive in that morning instead of biking. I'll hand you the keys at 8:30am, you can rent it, and then give it back to me at the end of the day. (If you're looking for more of a partial-day rental, or a weekend day, then message me - I'm very willing to be flexible and helpful and work with you to work something out.)

Pearl the Prius is a comfortable, fuel-efficient, safe, smooth, well-appointed and well-maintained ride. Seats are leather, there's GPS built into the dash, a back-up camera, an audio jack (I'll leave the cable in the car; I ask that you do not take it). It's a fancy and fun car.

Please note: If you drive less than 48 miles during your rental period, there's no need to replace the gas you used! I figure if you use less than a gallon then it's hardly worth your trip to the gas station, you know?

I try to keep my car stocked with gum and some granola bars, partly for when hunger hits but also to hand to the guy under the overpass. You're welcome and encouraged to do the same. I have an ice scraper/brush in there too.

I do have an iPass, but we are advised to remove it from the vehicle prior to renting it out. If you know you'll be taking a trip with a bunch of tolls, we can talk about my potentially leaving it in the car for your convenience, with the understanding that you'd reimburse me for the tolls at the end of your rental.

The mpg is, as you know, astoundingly good. You can fold down half (or all) of the back seat to lug cargo -- see pic with my dog, where he is standing on one folded-down seat. It is an incredibly roomy vehicle inside -- that's a 90 lb. dog there. No cats, please - the smell would drive him nuts. You're welcome to tote your dog as long as you contain him/her and clean up his/her hair.

The reason I joined Turo is because I appreciate how the Turo model supports community and reduces the number of cars on the road. Renting out one car through Turo can take an estimated 14 cars off the road, resulting in cleaner air and clearer streets for me to bike in -- and new mobility for my neighbors. It also makes me feel like I'm a contributing member of a collaborative community, which I really like.

I hope to meet you by my car soon to hand you the keys!

One last thing: I have begun getting more and more messages from new people who want to rent my car who are asking to do it off the books, or saying things like "I know that you say the mileage limit is 100 miles per day, but could I please drive 500 miles and have you waive the $.75 per mile overage fee? That's really expensive. Thanks." All due respect, but: if you send either of those emails to me I probably won't reply. My prices are more than competitive, but I'm not going to rent my car out at a loss, you guys. That would be just silly.
  • Automatic transmission
  • Hybrid
  • GPS
  • Audio input
Car location
Chicago, IL 60661