Chevrolet Volt2012
$ 34
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Chevrolet Volt
[UPDATE: Looking for a long term renter over the summer - if you're looking for a vehicle for a few weeks or months, let's talk!]

Thanks for looking! I love driving the Volt and hope you will too.

This is a Plug-in Hybrid Vehicle. It's very quiet when using the battery and I try to keep the electricity topped up. I leave the ChargePoint card in the center console of the vehicle-- if you would like to charge the vehicle at any free ChargePoint station, please feel free to do so using this card (please do not use the paid stations on my account). There is also a 110V charger under the trunk mat if you would like to use a wall outlet to charge the vehicle. If you refill with gas, please remember that the car uses 93 octane.

I have two children, so there are two child seats installed in the rear--one booster seat and one reversible infant/toddler seat. If you need these removed for extra space, please let me know in advance.

UPDATE: I have had a few questions about Plug-In Hybrids so I'll give a few more details here for those of you who may not have tried one before:

Q: Does the battery mean I can't drive very far?
A: No! The beauty of a Plug-In Hybrid is that once the battery runs out the car automatically switches to operate on gasoline.

Q: Is the switch from electricity to gasoline automatic?
A: Yes! You do absolutely nothing - the car senses when the battery is depleted and automatically turns on the engine. Chances are you won't even notice.

Q: Is the car noisy when running on gasoline?
A: No. The car is EXTREMELY quiet on electricity, but it's also relatively quiet when the gasoline engine switches on-- no louder than a normal car.

Q: How can I recharge the car?
A: Two ways. You can use a variety of public recharging stations around Boston using the ChargePoint card in the center console. Please check to make sure that the station does not charge a fee before you charge. Second, there is a 110V charger that can be connected to a standard wall outlet under the trunk mat. This is slower, so the vehicle would need to be connected for 8-10 hours to charge fully.

If you have any other questions please don't hesitate to ask. I am happy to walk you through the recharging procedure if necessary.
  • Automatic transmission
  • Hybrid
  • Audio input
  • Long-term trips
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Cambridge, MA 02138
Boston Logan International Airport
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