Subaru Outback2000
$ 24
per day
Subaru Outback
***NOTICE: I'm currently not accepting new requests, because I want to ensure my car is very well-maintained for future renters. This will take some time and cash for it to get where I want it. Thanks for your understanding, and good luck searching!***

Hello potential renters! My name is Neil, and I'm a new member to Turo.

You're looking at a genuine dark green 2000 Subaru Outback... aka, THE car to have in Colorado, especially in winter! Let my heated seats and stylish station wagon get you where you want to go. :-)

My vehicle has very low mileage: only in the mid 80,000s, and I keep that number low intentionally. This car is in good mechanical and interior/exterior shape, but has been lovingly worn a bit. I often use it to transport bicycles, move large things, etc. For me, it's mostly a grocery-getter. Because I may sell it soon, I'm looking to keep the mileage as low as possible. As such, I expect my renters to put the MINIMUM number of miles possible on it during their rentals, and you should note that this car comes with fewer miles included than many. If you go over on miles, I will report this to Turo, who will charge you .75 cents per mile. 350 miles gets you to Vail and back, Cheyenne and back, Pueblo and back, each with SOME wiggle room but not a ton. Do your homework and we'll each avoid a headache! ;-)

***A friendly note about pickup and drop off from Denver International Airport***

I live and work an hour's drive (or more with weather or traffic) away from DIA, but may be able to accommodate you with some advanced notice. A $30 fee will be added to for each trip I have to make to DIA (to offset time, scheduling, wear and tear, parking fees, etc). For pickup and drop-off, this would be $60. This still undercuts the price of almost ALL of the similar vehicles you'd rent at DIA. If you're able, I'd recommend (and prefer) you to take the traveler-friendly bus that goes directly from DIA to downtown Boulder. Once in downtown Boulder, it's a lovely 15-minute walk to my car, or I could meet you at the bus terminal.


This car is great for snow and ice, due to all wheel drive. That said, do take hazardous conditions SERIOUSLY, and don't assume the car will do the driving for you. I slow down significantly when it's snowy or icy out, keep a good amount of distance from others, and downshift to slow me down rather than using the brake. I expect renters to drive very cautiously during inclement weather. Please let me know your experience level with driving in snow and ice.

I'm an avid cyclist, but have yet to invest in a bike rack for the roof. I have plans to throw a bike rack on top later this year. For now, 2 bikes can fit comfortably in back, and a billion skis can fit comfortably as well. :)

Thanks for looking!
  • Automatic transmission
  • All-wheel drive
  • Long-term trips
Car location
Boulder, CO 80302