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Tesla Model S 2016

4 doors
5 seats

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(Car Rental Agency) Evoto
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Midnight Silver Tesla Model S 75D - 2016 with all the features -19 Inch Wheels -Panoramic Sun Roof -Autopilot -5 Seats -380Km Range on a full charge -Premium & Subzero Package -100% electric Model S is designed to be the safest, most exhilarating sedan on the road. With unparalleled performance delivered through Tesla’s unique, all-electric power train, Model S accelerates from 0 to 100 km per hour in 5.2 seconds (2.5 seconds for P100D). Model S comes with Autopilot capabilities designed to make your highway driving not only safer, but stress free

Commercial Host

This vehicle belongs to a Commercial Host, an independent car rental company.


Automatic transmission


$2,000 Security deposit taken on credit card at time of rental Must be over 25, no smoking, no pets No driving under any influence obviously You are liable for all damages if you let someone other than the 'renter' and '2nd driver' drive the cars $300 fine for smoking smell $300 fine for pet smell $300 fine for TOWING DUE TO RUNNING OUT OF BATTERY (NOT COVERED BY ROADSIDE ASSISTANCE)


  • How much mileage can I get on a single charge?
    On a full charge it gets 410Km but we recommend you buffer 50Km as back up at all times. It is not good for the battery to charge to 100% so please always charge to 85% or 90%
  • Is there a deposit? If so, is it held or pre-authorized?
    There is a $2,000 security deposit taken on the day of the rental. This amount is pre-authorized on your credit card
  • Is roadside assistance included?
    Yes. Roadside assistance is included However, TOWING DUE TO RUNNING OUT OF BATTERY IS NOT COVERED BY ROADSIDE ASSISTANCE There is an extra charge of $300
  • Can I add a secondary Driver?
    Yes, you can add another Driver free of charge
  • What documents do I need at pickup?
    Just your credit card for the security deposit & your Driver's License photo sent to
  • What insurance is included? Is there additional insurance I can purchase? How much?
    Insurance is not included. There is a mandatory insurance of $50/day This is our corporate car rental insurance
  • What is the charging policy?
    You must return the car with at least 50km range Normally when you charge the car, you should never charge to 100% Always keep a buffer of 50km
  • How much will it cost me to charge and charging etiquette?
    It will cost you ZERO dollars to charge our Tesla Supercharging at Tesla Chargers is free. Please note that you will incur 'idle fees' if you are still plugged in after the charging is complete. Before you leave the vehicle for a walk, check the time it needs to charge and plan your time so that you return to the car and unplug when it has finished charging. Charging at public stations is paid by us. It requires a membership card that is available in our glove box. The card is pre-loaded so you don't incur any costs charging Also please be aware it is frowned upon to use up an electric parking spot if you are not charging
  • Tips on trip planning & charge estimating?
    -Always account for AC heating/cooling, speed and other electricity use of the car when planning your trip -Also account for searching for parking or getting lost / missing an exit at your arrival point i.e. a 40km roundtrip could actually use 80km of the battery. Always double the ideal range to be safe Download and visit the following apps / websites to help you plan your trip: -Superchargers: Supercharger App or -Public Chargers: ChargeHub App or -Always cross reference with Google maps for distances The car navigation will route you through superchargers when you enter a destination and will tell you how much charge you will have left when you arrive
  • What is the additional mileage policy?
    There is no limit on how far you can drive. You have unlimited mileage. Just make sure you plan your trip and charge accordingly.


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