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The car

Saab 9-3 2009

32 trips
13.0 L/100km
Gas (Premium)
2 doors
4 seats

Hosted by

48 tripsJoined Nov 2017
Typically responds in 32 minutes


Returned customer gets 5$ off a day, just message me before you book. *ZERO TOLERANCE to smoking in my car* First time renter gets 25$ off, use this link to register: 15% weekly, 30% monthly discount Please present your driver license when picking up vehicle. Vehicle commercial: Pick up location: K2J0Y7 Currently Headlight cornering malfunction (headlight will not turn left and right per steering wheel, not affect driving at all) *please return my car on time. If not please extend rental on your app ahead of time.* (you can only drive the vehicle during scheduled time not early not late) if accident happen outside of scheduled time insurance won’t cover. *Please fill up gas before returning the vehicle, if not I charge additional 10$ fee if you go to Toronto please note ETR 407 is tolled by km please avoid toll on your gps , every so often client come back with a 70$ bill for toll I suggest you use premium insurance as that gives 500$ deductible if accident happens. My car has had two accidents during guest rental in a year, for a few more dollars it’s worth it. New winter tires on This car has tuned engine 290 horsepower and 460 NM torque with 2.8 L engine and turbo charger, I expect you put premium gas, if you put regular you might encounter engine knock, less fuel economy & performance drop repair expense at renter’s risk During winter season, temperature sudden drop, tire pressure may get below predetermined parameter and dashboard will give you warning (tpms). You can go to any gas station to inflate the tire to 36 psi. When pick up vehicle please message me or knock my door. I will be happy to hand out key and explain details. Please let me know if you want me to leave iPhone lightning adapter in the car, otherwise I will leave aux cable for music. Delivery is not available at this time I work full time. Touch free car wash only if you are to wash this vehicle(not mandatory) If there is any damage happened to my car please let me and Turo insurance know. If there is anything: damage, ticket,407 ETR, TOLL and etc...... please let me know ASAP so we can resolve together. Otherwise, at the end of the trip I would have to report to Turo for reimbursement. (I charge minimum 50$ on top of dishonest/untold incidents) Turo Insurance slip and guidance are in glove box. And in this link: User manual:


Automatic transmission
Audio input
Long-term car
Child seat
USB input
Snow tires or chains
Heated seats
Rear parking sensor


Add optional Extras to your trip at checkout.
Toys & games
iPhone lightening adapter for aux cable music.
Free1 available
Post-trip cleaning
Please do a self serve car wash. The car needs to be returned the condition it was when owner hand you over the key. Turo policy:
Portable GPS
CA$1/trip1 available

Parking details

Car is parking in front of my house. If you return late night, please let me know, you can drop off the key in the black mailbox beside my door


Please Warm up car before you take off. The vehicle need to charge brake system from cold start, wait till RPM drop to 1000 to drive. To operate convertible top, please only do so when car is not moving. Wait till there is a “chin” sound then release convertible switch. Insurance documents are inside glove box.


  • Do I have to wash the car before returning it
    As long as it is acceptable I won't bother you. self serve car wash available at "Suds car wash"
  • Can I pick up the vehicle before the booked time
    Yes. Please let me know at least 30 min before, and make adjustments on your app.
  • What if I return the car late, what if I exceed the km limit
    If you think you will be late in returning the vehicle please extend your rental on your phone. If your app does not accept your request, it means there was a renter booked the vehicle right after you return the vehicle. Then please return the vehicle on time, or there will be fee 50$/Hr charged up to 200$. You will have your daily km allowance. Exceeded km will be charged for 32 cents per km. These fees can be paid to me directly by E-transfer or through Turo. I believe there will be a Administration fee of 15-20$ if reimbursement &fees are paid through Turo
  • Am I responsible for a flat tire?
    Per Turo Yes. Unfortunately, flat tires are a fact of life in driving cars, and you as a guest are responsible for a flat tire that occurs during the trip, as well as any related damage that may result from that flat or damaged tire. However, a guest will not be held financially responsible for replacing the tire if it is professionally documented that the flat is the result of a tire that was either 1) defective, 2) had been subject to excessive wear such that it was unsafe to be driven as of the start of the reservation, 3) was not properly inflated when the vehicle was provided to you, 4) had tread depth less than 2/32th of an inch, 5) had signs of dry rot, or 6) was more than six years old. In all cases, the individual protection plan selected by each party would be in effect for the tire claim. If the guest has selected Premium, Basic, Minimum, or Decline, the waiver from the protection plan will apply. If the host has selected Premium, Standard, or Basic, the relevant deductible will apply. In the event of a flat, the guest should contact roadside service to change the tire and replace it with a spare and then coordinate next steps with the host. If the tire can be repaired, it might be best to do so. If the sidewall is damaged or a repair is not possible, the guest is responsible for replacing that tire (without any reduction or pro-ration based on mileage), but is not responsible for replacing any of the non-damaged tires. The guest must get the host’s approval for a replacement tire and must replace the tire with one of equal or greater quality. If both the guest and host are unable to work it out as stated above, the individual protection plan selected by each party would be in effect as part of their damage claim.


31 ratings

Surprising amount of kick!

Ben F.-Apr 20, 2019

Wow! What a great vehicle. Would consider making it my everyday drive. Fast and fun to drive. Every in Greta condition. Car has an aux cord and usb charger. Comfortably fits 4.

Matthew M.-Feb 20, 2019

For a 2009 it's a Very cute, & smart car. Would've liked it better if it was able to charge phones other then that great car.

Kc K.-Oct 22, 2018

The owner cancelled this trip 9 days before it started. This message was automatically posted by Turo.

Turo-Sep 13, 2018

Car Location
Ottawa, ON K2J 0Y7

Kingston Airport
Ottawa International Airport

Up to 15 kilometers
Free delivery to select locations for trips of 2 weeks or longer