We’ve updated the Turo Carculator with fresh new data to make it more useful

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Tesla Model 3 on Turo in Los Angeles, California

The Turo Carculator®

Discover how much income you could earn with different vehicles as you build your business on Turo

Want to know how much you could earn on Turo? Choose your region and budget to see which cars have the highest potential return on investment (ROI).

Note: Estimates are based on past data. Your earnings will depend on your car’s availability and price, demand, and market seasonality in your area.

Search by budget

Annual vehicle loan payments

Your total monthly car loan payments over the course of a year, assuming 10% down, 4.5% APR, and a 60-month loan term.

Average annual earnings³

An estimated average of the total amount you’re paid for sharing your car on Turo over the course of a year. This figure doesn’t include your vehicle down payment, vehicle loan payments, or business expenses like cleaning, parking, maintenance, damage claims, depreciation, or other costs.

Return on Investment (ROI)

A financial performance measurement used to evaluate an investment’s profitability by comparing the amount of money you earn with the cost of the initial investment, as well as your business expenses. In this tool, the ROI is estimated based on past data.

Top-earning cars on Turo

Find out which budget, mid-range, and upscale vehicles have the best average return on investment on Turo.

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Find out how to start a
small business on Turo

Discover what hosting on Turo is like and see how much you could earn as you scale your business.

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Find out how to start a small business on Turo

Discover what hosting on Turo is like and see how much you could earn as you scale your business.

  1. The Turo Carculator® ranks vehicles based on "Average annualized ROI," which is the ratio of average annual vehicle earnings divided by average annual vehicle loan payments for a specific make and model in a specific region. Earnings are based on a monthly estimation and are multiplied by 12 for annual earnings. The annualized return on investment (ROI) ranking model assumes a standard 60-month loan term, 4.5% interest rate, and 10% down payment on the vehicle purchase price. Past performance does not predict future results. In some cases, the earnings figures were rounded for ease of display.

  2. ¹ Region is defined as one of the top 14 market areas where Turo is available throughout the US. These geographical zones loosely follow the borders of Nielsen's Designated Marketing Areas (DMA) map. “National average” represents the average across all top markets in the model.

  3. ² Vehicle budget range is based on MSRP, exclusive of taxes, fees, and options, and any dealer price adjustments or increases. Vehicle MSRP represents base models, and is determined using vehicle pricing data from Price Digests’ auto pricing product.

  4. ³ The average annual earnings represent the average Turo earnings among all US-based hosts with one or more active vehicles, where each such vehicle had at least seven trip days per month over no less than three months, between 10/01/2017 and 10/31/2021. The vehicles have a market value of $10,000 to $75,000 and are model years 2018-2022. For a make model to be included in national average figures, there must be a minimum of two vehicles of that make model in at least two different market areas.