What will I earn?

Turo car owners receive 70% of the trip price and additional mileage charges. If the guest did not pay for tickets or tolls during their trip, we’ll reimburse your earnings for those charges after receiving the necessary documentation.

You can set your own prices for daily, weekly, and monthly rates; you can also set prices by the day for individual days. Turo can also dynamically price your car for you. See below for Dynamic Pricing details.

Can I set custom prices for different days?

In addition to setting daily, weekly, and monthly prices for your car, you can also price your car for individual days on your calendar. Pricing your car for individual days allows you to charge more for different days of the week, or different days for different parts of each month. You can charge more (or less) based on demand, such as weekends or holidays. For the days you don’t change, guests will be charged your car’s regular rates.

To adjust your daily prices, go to the Calendar section on your car page. Select the day you want to adjust, change the price at the top, and click “Change price”. Adjusted prices will display in bold lettering on your calendar.

What is Dynamic Pricing?

Dynamic Pricing is an intelligent feature that adjusts your Turo listing’s daily prices automatically, which is designed to maximize your earnings with data-driven prices. It’s based on a powerful algorithm that incorporates seasonality, demand, geography, and car type. All new and existing listings have been automatically opted into Dynamic Pricing.

With Dynamic Pricing turned on, you can control the minimum daily price for your listing. You can also view your dynamic prices on the calendar for the upcoming four months.

If you turn Dynamic Pricing off, you’ll need to set your own daily price and duration discounts. You’ll also be able to set your own prices on specific days using the calendar. To turn off Dynamic Pricing, go to the Pricing section of your listing and uncheck the box marked ‘Dynamic Pricing’.

Remember that the trip price is based on the car’s rates and prices at the time the traveler requests the car.

Please note: By opting into Dynamic Pricing, you are letting Turo manage your prices. We believe Dynamic Pricing will help you earn more; we cannot, however, guarantee a specific return. Any cancellations are subject to our owner cancellation policy.