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Average ratings in Victoria (5 stars)

Toyota Prius 2017
We arrived via the Victoria Clipper from Seattle. It's a short (10-15 min) and pleasant walk to the DoubleTree where the car is located. Check in/out is a bit longer than that of a standard Turo owned by an individual as you need to check in with the front desk and fill out a short contract but easy overall as we thankfully avoided any long lines. Car was clean and in good working order, no issues, GPS worked well. You certainly won't lose this car in the parking lot thanks to the leafy graphics all over the exterior. Would definitely rent again.
ANDREW M. - October 23, 2019
Electra Meccanica Solo 2018
This is my first experience and review on Turo, and I'm happy to say it was a great one in every respect. Background: I was flying "solo" from Edmonton to visit my brother on Vancouver Island - at Nanaimo, BC. As it turns out, it was half the price to fly into Victoria rather than Nanaimo, so I landed there with the intention of renting a vehicle to get back and forth. I quickly discovered that Budget and those other companies are charging ridiculous rates on the Island, which is how I ended up finding Turo, whom I had never heard of until now. Turo vehicles that fit my dates: Fortunately, Turo did have one vehicle in Victoria available for my travel dates, which was a 3-wheeled electric car called the Solo - a single seat "car" made locally in Vancouver by Electra Meccanica. The DoubleTree Hilton purchased two pre-production models, and is lending them out for a fraction of the rate of the traditional rental companies. For $20 per day, I got a car that turned me into an instant celebrity everywhere I went, and free charging stations can be found in most towns and cities on the island. More about this unique limited production car: The Solo is an absolute blast, but it is quite different than driving a regular small car. For example, forward, reverse, and neutral is selected with a small knob on the dash rather than a floor shifter or column stalk. After coming to a stop, you push and hold a rocker switch until the electric parking brake is activated (and push and hold to release again to go forwards or backwards). The parking brake takes a few tries to get the hang of, but still pretty simple. There is a car stereo with speakers in the doors, and I was able to connect my phone via Bluetooth, with a hands free mic at the roofline, but I didn't try to make calls while driving as I was too busy enjoying the drive. While there is no air conditioning, simply cracking the windows an inch provided all the fresh air I required as temperatures were a very moderate 20-25 degrees during my trip. There were a couple of heat vents below the windshield for defrost plus two driver facing vents as well, and a small aluminum knob for controlling heat, with a high/low rocker switch for the fan, but again, I never used this equipment during my trip due to great weather. Storage / Passengers. This is a single seat vehicle, so don't invite your friends on a road trip without their own transport. There is a button to pop the small hatch (enough for one medium sized suitcase, or a knapsack and groceries, etc). There is also a pull cable under the steering wheel to pop the hood - which has a little more storage there (but not much more than a small duffel bag or two more bags of groceries - so don't expect to be bringing sports gear larger than a pair of inline skates with you!). You do sit inside a car-like interior, just very small, but it seems safe enough - the side doors are as substantial as you would expect from any car, and there is a visible roll cage inside the vehicle that does lend comfort as well. While the hatch does not have a rear window, the rear-ward tapering of this car means that the side mirrors are all that you need for full views behind. Keep in mind this electric vehicle, while way more car-like than a golf cart, is no Tesla either. There's no assisted driving tech and giant touchscreens (although there is a back-up camera!), nor power steering or power brakes (it does have power windows, and it is better to keep both down so you can answer the constant questions you get from other motorists - even while driving 110km/hr down the highway!). You aren't isolated from the road like Tesla either - with manual steering and brakes, you feel much more through the seat and steering while - more like a bike - and the whine of the motor is definitely audible unless you've got the radio on and/or the windows down. Ergonomics are not Tesla-fashion either - nor are they like any other car I've driven lately. The dashboard has the kinds of switches and controls you would find on a boat rather than today's typical cars, which I was fine with, understanding that this was going to be a unique experience. Support by the vehicle supplier: The staff at DoubleTree did a great job of giving me an orientation on the operation of the vehicle, and the travel range of the car (160km on a full charge) was perfect for my travel between downtown Victoria and Nanaimo - I arrived with 30% charge to spare, and I was NOT light on the go pedal - getting the car up to 130km/hr on several passing occasions. While the Solo won't win any drag races, 0-60km/hr in 8 seconds was more than enough to keep up with traffic both in town and on the highway. DoubleTree helped me out with lots of communication between booking the car and arriving to pick it up, with help on booking the YYJ Shuttle, details about charging stations, storage capacity of the Solo, etc. Dropping the car off was a snap as well - as I didn't have to "fill the tank" either - you can bring the car back with as much or little charge as you want. I handed them the keys, they did a quick walk around to make sure there was no damage, and that was it. I called the solo "my electric shoe" because of the shape and intimate size, but if you're looking for a dependable, fun, and interesting way for one person to get around, with a decent range per charge, that also will give you free fill ups and rock star status everywhere you go, with more waves and thumbs up than royalty, rent this car from DoubleTree. If you're not smiling on every trip in the Solo, trust me, it's not the car's fault. Russell Vasseur Edmonton, AB
Russell V. - August 29, 2018
Toyota Prius 2017
We spent a great weekend in a comfortable, clean and original car! I would definitely recommend !!
Omar B. - October 30, 2019
Toyota Prius 2017
A fantastic and seamless experience - 10/10 would recommend!
Keauna M. - October 22, 2019
Toyota Prius 2017
Really nice staff that made it super easy
Hannah R. - November 12, 2019
Electra Meccanica Solo 2018
for my first time driving an electric car the solo was certainly an adventure. between the looks and finger points and the smooth zoom-zoom of a ride, I had a fantastic day touring around Victoria. thanks for the fabulous rental Hilton Double Tree
Natasha E. - July 5, 2018
Toyota Prius 2017
The car was immaculate and got great gas mileage. The process was fairly quick and DoubleTree had a full check list as in Canada you must rent through a business. Once completed, I found I had left a jacket behind. DoubleTree was great and actually drove it out to me prior to my cruise ship leaving. Amazing customer service!
George B. - October 6, 2019
Toyota Prius 2017
We came in on a seaplane and were able to walk to the DoubleTree to pick up our car. Before taking it, the bellman, Beau, gave us a walking distance food recommendation which was delicious! When we got back the car was ready and we drove all around Victoria for a day and a half. Great gas mileage, nice people, and awesome eco-friendly car! Would definitely rent again.
Georgie S. - July 17, 2019
Toyota Prius 2017
Perfect car for a trip in Vancouver Island (if discretion is not your priority of course). The car is nice with all options included. And check in and out are easy and fast. I would recommand this car.
Elodie G. - August 31, 2019
Toyota Prius 2017
Great experience working with the staff there. The car was perfect for our day trip too.
Michael B. - September 7, 2019
Toyota Prius 2017
Easy pick-up and drop off. Walked in and it was clean, topped off. Signed off on a few forms and I was off. Car had existing damage but we documented it in a walk-through. Easy to drive, good mileage and plenty of places to fill up. Range allowance was more than enough to explore Victoria all day. Drop off was simple, one walk-around and we were good to go. Would rent again if I visit.
John W. - August 1, 2018
Toyota Prius 2017
Great trip! Super easy pick up and drop off. Thanks!
Laura M. - October 9, 2019
Electra Meccanica Solo 2018
Awesome rental. Don’t expect the refinement of a car but for a driving experience this is great
Leo S. - May 28, 2018
Electra Meccanica Solo 2018
Really simple pickup and drop off. Enjoyed driving the car, although it being different from conventional cars made it only slightly more challenging, which was expected. I would advise that a list of easy-to-access electric vehicle charging stations be made available to the renter, as not all EV charging stations were free to use (some needed a card to access it and others did not have the compatible charging port to the car). Otherwise, a great time with the Solo!
Josh A. - August 10, 2018
Toyota Prius 2017
We had a great experience with Double Tree's Prius. The car was clean, full of fuel and ready to go when we arrived to pick it up. The car performed flawlessly over the entire time we had it, and we were happily surprised at the fuel efficiency of the car. We will be booking it again on our next trip to the island. The Double Tree staff were very helpful and professional, a joy to deal with.
Corry U. - August 25, 2018
Electra Meccanica Solo 2018
Great car and service. Also best deal in town 4l/100km !!
Oliver D. - November 6, 2018
Toyota Prius 2017
Great car and no insane prices for young drivers which is what sold me on this rental!
Aden B. - January 19, 2019
Toyota Prius 2017
Awesome car to rent for a weekend. Highly recommend!!
Tracy F. - May 22, 2019
Toyota Prius 2017
Did over 500km in one tank! also when we returned to Victoria and refueled it costs only 43 dollars! Amazing fuel efficiency and a very easy ride. Considering buying a Prius as my own vehicle at home. 10/10 would recommend. Thank you Double Tree Hilton
Dion G. - August 15, 2019
Toyota Prius 2017
It was exactly what we needed, and was such an easy pickup and drop off experience!
Ryan W. - September 1, 2019
Toyota Prius 2017
Really easy check in and out, absolutely faultless, leaves are an acquired taste but when I bumped into the other dude from manitoba or saskatchewan driving the same car outside tacofino that was dope, really good on petrol as well. Would rent again!
Ché J. - July 9, 2019
Toyota Prius 2017
Great vehicle, loved the rental.
Robert K. - May 25, 2018
Toyota Prius 2017
Thank you Double Tree for the fantastic rental. The prius was in tip top shape, communication for pick-up and drop-off was easy, and this was the perfect way to scoot up island for a day of family visiting (possibly recieving the 'granddaughter of the year'award!)... looking forward to the next rental!
Natasha E. - July 3, 2018
Toyota Prius 2017
A very nice vehicle -- I would rent it again. Only downside was its eyecatching external appearance which marked us as visitors and seemed to inspire some sort of anger or resentment from other drivers (honked horns, etc.). Joseph the valet at Doubletree was very helpful.
Rob B. - May 29, 2019
Toyota Prius 2017
Everything was perfect, good communication and the car was very easy to drive !
Maria G. - June 12, 2019
Toyota Prius 2017
Excellent experience. Efficient pick up and return. Pleasant, helpful staff. Short trip to see relatives.
Melville J. - February 22, 2019
Toyota Prius 2017
I used to think Prius's where lame, now I think they're awesome! 4l/100km awesome. Good renting from the Hilton very convenient location and staff are great.
Oliver D. - November 27, 2018
Toyota Prius 2017
Was great, from the booking to the return. Would recommend to friends
Wes D. - July 23, 2019
Toyota Prius 2017
Excellent. Just what we wanted. Thx a lot.
Ewan C. - June 24, 2018
Toyota Prius 2017
Shuttle available to/from airport if needed as well. Yyj shuttles
Robert G. - June 21, 2018
Electra Meccanica Solo 2018
3 wheels. 2 doors. 1 passenger.
Tim B. - July 30, 2018
Toyota Prius 2017
Super voiture qui se conduit très bien. Le service a été super. De plus cela n'a pas posé de problème le fait que j'ai moins de 25 ans. Elle consomme assez peu. Bon plan pour visiter l'île!
Julien G. - March 29, 2019
Toyota Prius 2017
Sight seeing around Vancouver island.
Josh S. - February 26, 2019