posted on January 8th, 2018

Here’s hoping 2018 is a year of adventures! Whether your plans take you out on the open road, high in the air, overseas, or on a staycation, stay organized and get the most out of your trip with this year’s best travel apps.


Much like old standbys like Kayak and Skyscanner, Hopper compares flight prices to find the cheapest one. But it also takes it a step further with push notifications to tell you the cheapest time to buy, so you never have to Google if it’s really cheaper to buy flights on Tuesdays again.


Everyone knows the worst part of traveling is packing. PackPoint not only lets you make a list, but makes suggestions based on where you’re going, the weather, activities planned, and how long you’ll be traveling.

Google Trips

Pulling from the reservations in your email, Google Trips compiles your trip itinerary complete with suggestions for things to do — and, it works offline so you don’t have to worry about wifi if you’re out of service range.


Getting out on the open road is one of life’s greatest pleasures. Even better? Knowing what to do along the way. Roadtrippers helps you map out your (you guessed it) road trip, and gives you a heads up about scenic viewpoints, local dives, and spots to stay along the way.


For spontaneous travelers, Roomer creates a marketplace with same-night hotel rooms on the cheap. Or, if your plans change last minute, you can sell your reserved room to avoid cancellation fees.

WiFi Map

Want to travel unplugged but actually still be able to upload those Instas? WiFi Map will show you nearby places with free wifi, complete with the necessary passwords. And, you can download free offline maps so you can go data-free but connect as needed.


A practical app that goes the distance (get it?) to save you money, GasBuddy uses a simple interface to show you the cheapest nearby gas and direct you right to it. Use that extra change for the best part of road trips: greasy gas station snacks.

Mobile Passport

Authorized by US Customs and Border Protection, Mobile Passport lets you easily upload your passport info and breeze through the special Mobile Passport line when you arrive in the states. It’s currently valid at 24 airports, so make sure you check before you fly.


What seems like simple math can become befuddling very quickly when you’re jetlagged. Save yourself the trouble and use Circa to check the time in multiple locations in an aesthetically pleasing design. If you’re trying to coordinate with people back home or in other time zones, it will even show overlap for when you’re both likely to be awake.


Long layovers can make you feel like Tom Hanks in The Terminal very quickly. Use LoungeBuddy to find out what lounges you can access (and what fees apply) so you can stop hunting for an open outlet and relax with some stable wifi and snacks.

Virginia is equally enamored with words and globetrotting. Whenever possible, she likes to combine the two through travel writing to help other wanderers discover and fall in love with the world.