posted on December 4th, 2017

Gadgets on the go

Check the car-lover off your list this holiday season with slam-dunk car gadgets and gizmos. From the practical (top-notch tire pressure monitors) to priceless (a system for coffee-on-the-go), you’ll find something here to make any auto enthusiast’s life a little bit better.


The future is here: upgrade any car big-time with the Navdy, which calls itself the first augmented driving device. Maps and other information are projected transparently onto the windshield, and you can control messages, music, calls, and more with intuitive hand gestures. Eat your heart out, Jetsons.

Car battery jump starter

Never get stuck with a dead battery when you’re all alone (or surrounded by people but unsure how to ask them to jump your car). The Bestek comes with two USB ports and a flashlight so you won’t have to be alone for long — or at least, not alone in the dark.

Mobile coffee maker

Ever wanted an espresso on the road? I bet you do now. For those mornings when you don’t quite get around to brewing the coffee before you hit the road, the Handpresso has you covered. Choose from a variety of models that let you brew your favorite beverage while on the move.

Tire pressure monitor

Tires at sub-optimal pressure can cause a whole bevy of problems, from poor gas mileage up to exploding tires. Woof. Avoid that with the Fobo Tire Plus, which can monitor the pressure on up to 19 cars (fleet managers, we’re looking at you).

Air purifier

Because any car lover’s favorite place is inside their vehicle, make that environment as welcoming as possible with a plug-in air purifier. The StarVast fights odor and plugs directly into your cigarette outlet. To really ramp up the spa atmosphere in the car, a humidifier also kills odor and dust while soothing dry winter skin.

Parking aid

Never tap the bumper of your trusty ride again when trying to slide into a tight parking spot. This precision parking aid is a lifesaver for depth perception issues (which, who are we kidding, we all struggle with. Right? Just me?).

Car seat organizer

Keep yours and the kids’ toys organized with an organizer for your seatback. The PALMOO comes with cupholders, iPad and phone holders, a tissue box, an umbrella, and a pouch for anything else you can think of. Because no one likes a messy car.

Drop Stop

Utilitarian in theory, this little guy will have you wondering how you went this long without it. If you’ve ever dropped a key, coin, chapstick, or other tiny essential between your seat and center console, the Drop Stop is for you.

Car charger

An essential that’s easy to avoid investing in: a good car charger will change the game. The nonda ZUS charger has two USB ports, and with the app you can also track where you parked your car and your car battery level.

Smartphone mount

Is there anything more annoying than fumbling with your phone to get directions or change the song while behind the wheel? Also, illegal. A car mount for your smartphone is a simple way to save the hassle. The iOttie works with any phone and car type, so it’s a guaranteed home run.  

Emergency escape tool

If you’ve ever had a recurring nightmare about driving into water (sorry for any nightmares caused by that sentence), the Ztylus Stinger will ease those fears. The window punch instantly breaks tempered glass so you can escape in case of emergency. And, it doubles as a seat belt cutter for truly dire situations.

Bonus: hammocks!

Not technically a gadget for the inside of your car, if your automotive enthusiast drives a truck or RV, Hammaka trailer-hitch cradle chairs really up the ante for outdoor relaxation on the go. Get ready for souped-up camping and fishing trips in 2018.


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