posted on November 9, 2017


Besides the Instagrams, top-notch meals, and souvenirs, what makes travel truly soul-consuming is the stories. Whether you have a trip planned and want advice or are just itching for some #travelinspo from your desk, travel blogs offer a window into a wilder world. Read on for a few favorites, whether you want the perfect campfire meal, a hidden cafe recommendation, or the story behind a Moroccan monkey species in danger of extinction.

Jungles in Paris

Travel, at its base level, is about seeing the world — and to see the sights, they have to be conserved. Jungles in Paris shines a light on subjects, from humans to animals to structures, that may be at risk of extinction. The tone of the blog is informational and easy to comprehend, with beautiful photography and straightforward prose, sometimes accompanied by video, that makes you want to see, and save, the sights they document.

Fresh Off the Grid

Eating can be one of the greatest joys of travel, but when you want to disappear into nature, figuring out your meals can be more trial than treat. Fresh Off the Grid was founded by a couple as enamored with cooking as outdoor exploration, and features mouthwatering recipes for feasts like bacon and date campfire pizza and Japanese tuna sushi bowls that are designed to be enjoyed while, you guessed it, off the grid. You’ll also find handy guides like how to plan an impromptu camping trip and roundups like ultimate vegan camping food.  

This Is the Place I Was Telling You About

Come for the cute name, stay for the dreamy photography and accessible hotel and restaurant recommendations. Two Texans now living in New York record neighborhood favorites as well as adventures from the Finger Lakes to Savannah. This is the Place I Was Telling You About finds, and shares, the kinds of Instagram-ready places that make you want to run away.  

Melting Butter

An almost Pinterest-esque vibe with captions designated as “restaurant find,” “art find,” and so on, characterizes Melting Butter. The grid of photographs is minimalist, letting the images speak for themselves. Click as it strikes your fancy and you’ll find concise reports of what makes the highlighted spot special, from afternoon tea in a London art gallery to a Croatian creativity and wellbeing festival. 

Postcards from Yonder

Irreverent, colorful, and no-holds-barred, Postcards from Yonder runs the gamut from language guides (“‘cause you probably suck at Vietnamese”) to meditations on entrepreneurial women in Sapa to the story of being extras in a Bollywood film. The photography is swoon-worthy, and posts pop with mixed media and sometimes side-splitting stories. Recommended for laughs and wanderlust alike.

Virginia is equally enamored with words and globetrotting. Whenever possible, she likes to combine the two through travel writing to help other wanderers discover and fall in love with the world.