posted on December 14th, 2016

Magical holiday lights and sights

Take a trip down Candy Cane Lane and experience the magical combination of community and Christmas spirit. These neighborhoods do Christmas in a big way. We’re not talking some lonely blow-up Santas and a plastic reindeer lawn display; we’re talking millions of bright, glowing lights, jaw-dropping extravagance, music, Santa, and magic. If you’re dreaming of a bright Christmas, then fill your tumblers with hot cocoa, buckle up, and take a cruise with us down the best Candy Cane Lanes the US has to offer.

Picardy Drive, Oakland, CA

This neighborhood is right out of a storybook. These whimsical tudor cottages are all aglow with a heart-warming display of Christmas lights. The lights are actually strung between the houses, connecting them all together in one sparkling chain of luminescence. This tradition began 60 years ago, and the lights are symbol of unity in this racially and religiously diverse Oakland community. These lights aren’t just beautiful, they’re meaningful, and they embody the true spirit of Christmas. Take the fam for a cruise down Picardy Drive and throw in a history lesson while you’re at it!  


Naples Island, Long Beach, CA

For something a little different, try the Naples Island Christmas Boat Parade. It’s a light parade in the water. Every year, hundreds of boats are decked out with glittering lights and holiday displays. If you’re into nautical nativities, this is the event for you. The (literal) floats are dazzling as they make their way down the canals, and their colorful lights reflect against the waterways. Don’t forget to fa-la-la-la-la while you float.


Roscoe Village, Chicago, IL

If you’d rather see some cut-throat competition instead of hand-holding houses, check out Roscoe Village in Chicago, IL. This neighborhood hosts an annual decorating contest for all the houses and businesses in the neighborhood, transforming it into a glowing fantasyland. This block is SUPER serious about holiday spirit. All the houses are fully decked-out-to-the-max and every house is more elaborate than the next. In a world full of Betty Lou Whos, this is a neighborhood full of Martha May Whoviers.

Dyker Heights, Brooklyn, NY

This charming Brooklyn neighborhood is known for their quirky and intricate decorations. Not only do they offer dazzling light displays, but there’s also tantalizing ice cream, hot cocoa vendors, and food trucks around every corner. The Dyker Heights displays are so fantastic and awe-inspiring you’ll relive the magic of being a kid on Christmas morning all over again. This neighborhood is guaranteed to give you a taste of that one-of-a-kind Christmas New York vibe.


Sunnyside Drive, Brentwood, TN

On Sunnyside Drive in Brentwood, TN, you’ll find everything you’re looking for in a classy, country Christmas. These Brentwood homes put on the best show around with thousands of twinkling lights and Christmas characters around every corner. The vibe is enchanting. This neighborhood is also one of Santa’s favorite hangouts! You can find him there most nights handing out candy canes and spreading Christmas cheer. It’s free to see the lights, but they do accept donations for the Shrine Children’s Hospital, and there’s nothing better than Christmas for a cause. Bless your heart, honey.  


Andi Ferraud is a Content Specialist at Turo. She’s a quirky writer with an eye for design. She loves sharks, spontaneous adventures, and horror movies.