posted on June 2nd, 2016

Summertime is definitely the worst time to get sick. More often than not we tend to feel under the weather right before that big road trip or family vacation we’ve been looking forward to all year. But have no fear, here’s a list of tips and tricks to cure those summertime flus, sniffles, and setbacks.


I don’t think I can stress this enough. Everyone says it, but almost no one takes it seriously. We’re made of 75% water so our bodies constantly crave it! Staying hydrated improves mood and also boosts immunity — especially in the summertime when we are constantly losing water from the heat. Whether it’s a road trip to LA or a 10-hour flight to Europe, H2O? Gimme some mo.

Wash up

Highly crucial yet highly forgotten — wash your hands. It’s one the easiest ways to stay in tip-top health, and the most effective way to prevent the spread of many types of infections and illnesses. So make sure to do it especially before meals. Don’t have a sink and soap nearby? Hand sanitizer! My favorites on-the-go are the ones that are natural and hydrating like Aesop’s, Dr. Bronner’s, and EO’s.


A few years back I started meditating and it saved my life. Okay not literally, but it seriously made me a ‘present’ person. What I mean by that is I have come to enjoy every single part of the traveling process in a relaxed and happy manner. After meditation, I truly enjoy the the journey — which can sometimes be stress-inducing and frustrating. Focusing on your breath for 30 seconds and breathing deeply can do wonders. Even listening to your favorite song and breathing to it can help. I prefer to do guided meditations to jumpstart my practice. I highly recommend the app Buddhify.

Move it

While you’re traveling, try to exercise as much you can. Whether it’s walking through a museum, strolling to dinner, or even an aimless walk around town after dessert. Not only is exercise great for your body and immune system, but walking to destinations allows for a completely different traveling experience.

Ancient tricks


Yes, you heard me. Caught the flu last minute and need a quick fix? This trick goes back over 500 years. Try it yourself before judging the lack of science behind it. It has seemed to work for me every time I have used it while dealing with the flu. Just make sure you take a nice long shower after to get rid of the smell!


If you’re able to grab some fresh ginger at the grocery store, cut it up and chew! This does wonders for digestive issues, nausea, congestion, sore throats, and overall health. Ginger might not taste the best, but if I need something fast and effective that’s my go-to.


This is my ultimate sore throat cure that you can do anywhere. Grab some hot water stir in a generous amount of salt and gargle. This almost always cures my sore throat while traveling.

Travel must-haves

While I am travelling even if I’m feeling great, I still like to maintain my health with some travel essentials. Before a flight, I normally down a vitamin C packet in the water I get onboard. Fish oil is my natural remedy for headaches and body aches while traveling as it reduces inflammation. I carry a few probiotics as well to help with the occasional stomach ache.

Lastly, I pack a small lavender oil in my purse, dab a few drops on my wrist or pillow and inhale. This helps if you can’t relax or fall asleep easily, as most of us have some trouble falling asleep their first day in a new environment.

Alessandra is a part of the Marketing team at Turo. When she’s not talking about Turo, she is either reading science journals, playing tennis, or exploring a new organic farmers market.