posted on August 26th, 2016

Happy 100 years of The National Park Service! To celebrate the centennial, officially marked this week, we’ve rounded up a list of outdoorsy whips available to rent near some striking national parks. Save some cash and discover the parks in style. Cruising through these breathtaking parks will have you panting like a traveling dog on a hot summer day.

Stephen’s Subaru Impreza – Bryce Canyon, UT

Bryce Canyon, known for it’s incredible, eye-catching hoodoo amphitheaters is the perfect park for auto touring. And Stephen’s Subaru Impreza is the perfect car for the job. Take a drive through The Natural Bridge, a fan favorite for photo-ops. Roll slowly under the bridge and gaze up from the Subaru’s sunroof to get a geological glimpse of the bridge’s underside.

Or cruise over to Rainbow Point for an unabridged (get it?) glimpse of the entire park. Crack open the hatchback, take a seat and marvel at the majestic scenery. From here you can see most of the park, including the zig zagging fringe of the park’s famous Pink Cliffs. Hoodoo? You do. In Stephen’s Subaru.

Beverly’s Hyundai Santa Fe – Grand Canyon, AZ

She’ll be comin round the canyon when she comes. And she will also be a fully loaded LIMITED PLATINUM EDITION Santa Fe with a gigantic sunroof. This is the top of line, choicest, and most adventurous Santa Fe on the market. This Santa Fe was meant to explore the Grand Canyon. Don’t just “drive by” and take a photo. Yeah, it’s still spectacular and magnificent, but to really experience the Grand Canyon, you gotta get in the canyon.

Take the Santa Fe on Highway 89 North to Cameron to enter through the Desert View Entrance. It’s lesser used and lets you explore the Little Colorado River Gorge Viewpoint and Grandview Point. I know it might be hard to leave your luxury vehicle but make sure to get out and have a gander!


Alton’s Toyota Yaris – Yellowstone, WY

For a little guy, the Yaris boasts a huge windshield and low beltline that offer excellent visibility. Which make it perfect for whisking through “the world’s most beautiful highway,” AKA Beartooth Highway. Beartooth highway features sensational views of Yellowstone’s Absaroka and Beartooth Mountains, as well as alpine plateaus sparkling with glacial lakes, impossible peaks, valleys, and cascading waterfalls. Alton’s Toyota Yaris will give you the most dazzling glimpse of the world’s first national park.


Peter’s Cadillac El Dorado – Olympic National Park, WA

Seeking novelty? Seeking adventure? Look no further. Explore the unique and wondrous Olympic National Park in a super cool, classic Cadillac El Dorado. The El Dorado is as original as it gets — there were only 200 Cadillac El Dorados made in 1985. The best part? It’s a mint condition convertible.

Roll the top down, and feel that cool, crisp Washington breeze in your face as you curve through the Olympic Loop and gaze upon the lustrous Lake Crescent. Go full retro and turn up the 80’s hair metal anthems as you cruise. As the sun sets, journey over to Hurricane Ridge to check out the Full Moon Hikes and inspire your inner teen wolf.

Washington_19 (1)

Shawn’s Chevy Volt – Yosemite, CA

Wind through Yosemite’s heart–stirring tableaus and granite walls with Shawn’s Chevy Volt. Conservation is the name of the game, and the Chevy volt is ready to play. The electric Volt gets 50 miles fully charged, plus 49 miles on a full tank. One of the best ways to explore Yosemite is by observing the star filled night sky. With the volt you can explore allllll night.

Instead of spending your time in Yosemite Valley, take the less-traveled Tioga Road and explore Yosemite’s awe-inspiring peaks. The windshield views will not disappoint. Tioga is full of superstars like the beautiful Tenaya Lake, Tuolumne Meadows, and Gaylor Lakes Trail. Not to mention it has the most hiking trails of any other area in Yosemite. Score! Take the Tioga tour in style and stride.

Alexandra’s Hyundai Santa Fe – Rocky Mountain National Park, CO

The Rocky Mountain National Park is as popular as it is beautiful. Take Alexandra’s sporty Santa Fe on the back roads to beat the crowds. Check out Old Fall River Road. The speed limit is a relaxing 15mph and the 11 mile road leads you to a soothingly refreshing alpine world. Life moves fast, Old Fall River Road lets you slow down and savor the moment.

If you’re feelin’ the need for a little more speed and adventure, take the Santa Fe for a spin on Trail Ridge Road. The road ascends to about 4,000 feet in just a few minutes. The diversity and development along the way will leave you breathless. The Santa Fe will rock(y) your road trip!


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