posted on July 23, 2021

Rolling through a drive-thru to pick up snacks and coffees for the road is one of the best parts of a road trip. On July 24, you can celebrate this modern invention by booking a car for National Drive-Thru Day and stopping by some of these cool drive-thrus and drive-ins across Canada. There’s at least one here for every province! All you need to do is book a whip worth the trip for a fun weekend adventure.

ALBERTA: An angelic drive through in Alberta

Stop by Angel’s Drive In in Alberta for some burgers, fries, and a shake. It’s hard to miss it. There’s a massive Cadillac parked on top of the roof, calling drivers from near and far to stop by for a bite.

Feeling spontaneous? See what cool drive-ins you stumble upon while checking out some of these cool road trips across the province:

Image: Chris Henry
  • Icefields Parkway
  • Trans-Canada Highway from Lake Louise
  • Canadian Badlands
  • Sunwapta Pass
  • Cowboy Trail

BRITISH COLUMBIA: A coffee to go with your scenic Creston Valley views

Everyone loves cruising through a Tims drive-thru, but you can mix it up a bit for National Drive-Thru Day. Find that person you can talk to for hours (or sit in comfortable silence with) and take off on a scenic road trip through Creston Valley, sample all the local food and drink, and grab a coffee at the Blackstone Cafe’s drive-thru. 

You can also stumble upon some tucked away treasures while cruising through some of these scenic BC routes: 

Image: Tom Winckels
  • The Sea-to-Sky Highway
  • Vancouver to Tofino
  • The Pacific Marine Circle Route
  • The Great Northern Circle Route
  • The Fraser Valley 

NOVA SCOTIA: Start your day early with breakfast at Vernon’s 

Rise and shine in beautiful Nova Scotia. Start National Drive-Thru Day with a trip to Vernon’s Thunderbird Diner. You can grab a big breakfast meal, a breakfast poutine, or something sweet like pancakes and waffles to fuel the rest of your day. 

You can also discover the East Coast’s best kept secrets while exploring some of these Nova Scotian routes:

Image: Brandon Sehl
  • Marine Drive along the Eastern Shore
  • Lighthouse Route
  • Cabot Trail
  • Sunrise Trail
  • Cobequid Bay

ONTARIO: Pull off the highway for a quick bite at Odi’s Kingburger Drive-In

If you’re near Renfrew Ontario — or up for a drive — stop by Odi’s Kingburger Drive-In where Local Guides call the food “absolutely, tremendously top shelf” and the hamburger is considered “truly one of the best” in North America. 

Ontario is yours to discover. So are it’s drive-thrus and drive-ins on National Drive-Thru Day. See how many cool places you can grab lunch from while checking some of these cool Ontario road trips off your bucket list: 

Image: Perfectus Photography
  • Niagara Falls to Niagara-on-the-Lake
  • Lake Superior Circle Tour
  • Prince Edward County
  • Ottawa to Toronto via Algonquin Park
  • Long Sault Parkway
  • Georgian Bay Coastal Route

QUEBEC: Catch a flick at the Saint-Eustache Drive-In in Quebec

Got your own food for the road? Swap drive-thru food for a drive-in theatre and head down to the Saint-Eustache Drive-In in Quebec. You can buy your tickets online and sit either inside or outside your vehicles so long as you stay 2 meters away from other vehicles. 

Keep your eyes peeled for cool drive-thrus and drive-ins while leisurely moving through some of these historic Quebecois routes:

Image: Jose Marroquin
  • The Gaspesie Tour
  • The Fjord Tour
  • The Whale Route 
  • The Chemin du Roy
  • Eastern Townships Circuit to Rawdon

National Drive Thru Day is one of those fun holidays you can use to break up an otherwise dull week. Book a car on Turo, pick up some of your friends, and take off for some spontaneous summer fun. 

Need a whip worth your National Drive-Thru trip? Browse what nearby hosts have to offer in Alberta, British Columbia, Nova Scotia, Ontario, and Quebec.