posted on January 5th, 2016

Traveling creates some the most memorable and rewarding experiences, but it also comes with plenty of hassle thanks to airlines, tourist traps, and language barriers. These new apps try to fix some of those problems — give them a try wherever 2016 may take you.


DUFL, pronounced “DUH-ful” (like the bag), is a premium suitcase travel service that completely revolutionizes how you get your suitcase from your home to your destination. A personal valet aimed at business travelers, DUFL stores clothing you own in a personal closet. You virtually “pack” for your trip with the DUFL app, and they pack for you and ship your bag to your destination.

At the end of your trip, DUFL will pick up your suitcase, do your laundry, and store your clothes until next time. You travel with carry-on only, and never have to worry about lost bags or bag fees.

The service costs $9.95 per month for your virtual closet and $99 per trip and is primarily for domestic travel. Overnight suitcase shipping is available for an extra $49 each way for last-minute travelers.

DUFL is available for iOS and Android.

Microsoft Translator

Microsoft Translator is simple and straightforward. Translate pretty much anything into fifty languages using your Apple Watch, Android Wear, iPhone, Android Phone, Windows Phone, tablet, or personal computer. Text, speech, documents, websites, street signs, and restaurant menus are all fair game.

One of the most versatile translators around, I’d say it’s a great app to have handy in 2016. Get it for any platform from Microsoft.


Most phone plans charge an arm and a leg for data when you’re outside the US, if your phone works at all. While cell phone plan options are improving, Wiffinity makes it easy to find a WiFi hotspot almost anywhere in the world.

Through the free Wiffinity app, you can find thousands of free hotspots around the world with a secure, password-protected connection — no catch. The developers were tired of shoddy WiFi options, and wanted to make it easier on everyone.

Download the app for iOS or Android.

Indie Guides

Guide books are a handy thing to pack when visiting a new city. And if you want to get off the beaten path, check out Indie Guides. Local creatives curate the very best destinations for each city they cover, revealing local cultural, alternative, and lesser-known spots to visitors.

Indie Guides is available for both iOS and Android.

Just Ahead

It is no secret that the Turo team loves road trips, so we were so excited to find Just Ahead, a GPS audio guide for the road. With 23 destinations available or coming soon, these guides give you everything you need to know about a destination with or without WiFi.

You can try it free, though using it for the long term requires purchases ranging from $5-10.

Get Just Ahead for iOS or Android.


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